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  • I know I say this every morning but they're not moving.

  • If you think there's no big deal, say something.

  • Oh my god, you think they're dead too.

  • I'll go check.

  • Don't be dead, don't be dead, don't be dead.

  • Oh, you're alive.

  • And you're alive!

  • Okay, okay. Okay, I'm up.

  • Your breath smells good.

  • Uh, oh, I'm in...I'm in here.

  • I know.

  • You can't just leave, guys.

  • You gotta tell me where you're going.

  • Is that food?

  • Can I have some?

  • Oh, you're spitting out...but can I have some?

  • No?

  • Stay right here, I'll go check on everything.

  • I know where they are now.

  • Everything's fine.

  • Cornelius, come eat.

  • I'm so hungry.

  • Oh I can't wait, I can't wait, I can't wait.

  • Look, I'm even doing a trick.

  • That's how hungry I am.

  • Faster, faster, faster.

  • Wait, I can eat this, right?

  • This is food?

  • Because I've been getting some mixed signals lately.

  • Is this food?

  • Not for you, buddy.

  • Is this food?

  • That's a jacket.

  • This gotta be food, right?

  • Are you sure?

  • So you're sure this is food?

  • Oh yeah, this is really good.

  • That can't be good.

  • We gotta hide!

  • We gotta get out of here!

  • Whoah!

  • I'm okay!

  • Why are there clothes on the floor?

  • Why don't they smell like us?

  • I can fix that.

  • Are you gonna help?

  • Oh, there you are. - Uh-oh.

  • Don't panic, I'm fine. - Cornelius!

  • Don't worry about me, it's fun.

  • Please come back inside.

  • That's not where you go.

  • Excuse me, that's where you go.

  • You go there.

  • Okay, guys, great news, I've finished cleaning my room and-

  • I can do a little sushi.

  • Eh...

  • Uh-oh.

  • I'm not in the mood for sushi. - What's happening?

  • What about some Thai food? - This is a nightmare.

  • Eh...

  • I've never seen them fight like this before.

  • Just salads.

  • I can't take this.

  • But then what are we gonna eat?

  • Oh my god, they're not talking.

  • It's probably over.

  • Okay, we're all freaked out.

  • This is upsetting because I love both of you.

  • But I'm gonna live with her because we all know I love her more.

  • Okay, obviously things worked out, this is embarrassing.

  • But we all said things we didn't mean back there, right?

  • Thanks for letting me sleep in bed tonight, won't even know I'm here.

  • Hey, did you guys hear that?

  • Are you awake?

I know I say this every morning but they're not moving.

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    Ginger Liu   posted on 2019/04/27
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