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  • This is too sweet.

  • It's time for my duolingo- daily-

  • It's time for my daily duolingo...

  • exercise!

  • Wait!

  • 67 day streak!!!


  • I've kind of burnt it?

  • How does it look? :/

  • The weather is absolutely crazy

  • One minute it's nice and sunny like this

  • And the next minute it's cold and raining

  • So...

  • We must enjoy it whilst it lasts!

  • I wanted a new door stop for my bedroom

  • So I found someone leave this by the bin

  • And now I'm going to DIY it, I think...

  • I'm going to sand it down with some sandpaper

  • All done!

  • I always feel nervous when I feel like the camera is on me when I'm cooking...




  • I'm thinking of getting a new camera...

  • I kind of want this one...

  • So I asked for a trade in quote

  • £74.30 for the (camera) body

  • And £29.10 for the lens

  • Meaning my camera is worth (about) £100 ...

  • Wow (not worth it lol)

  • Making (Vietnamese style) curry!

  • 00:03:09,360 --> 00:03:10,480 woohoohhoohooo

  • Curryyyyyyyyyyyy

  • (speaking French) *Watching La Foret*

  • What a random thing I

  • Why is that £10?

  • To buy as a poster?

  • Here you go! For free!

This is too sweet.

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A2 BEG UK camera duolingo lol daily sandpaper minute

daily life vlog ep. 2 | cooking things & more dancing

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    Amy.Lin   posted on 2019/04/14
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