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  • What is sleep paralysis?

  • No idea.

  • Sleep paralysis is a condition in which we are conscious but temporarily unable to move or speak.

  • It can usually occur when we suddenly wake up during REM sleep.

  • What is REM sleep?

  • Basically, there are four stages of sleep.

  • One of them is Rapid eye movement sleep, that is, REM sleep.

  • In this stage, we dream.

  • Researchers suggest that when we enter REM sleep, two chemicals.

  • Glycine and GABA, switch off the activity of cells in the brain that allow our muscles to move.

  • Oh no.

  • This is so bad.

  • No.

  • It is actually beneficial.

  • Because paralyzed muscles prevent us from enacting our dreams in reality and getting hurt.

  • However, sometimes we suddenly wake up during REM sleep.

  • But if glycine and GABA are still active.

  • We are temporarily unable to move, even though we are conscious.

  • This is called sleep paralysis.

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