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  • Nitrogen Cycle.

  • Magic book.

  • Magic glares.

  • Atmospheric Nitrogen.

  • Mr. Smart.

  • I constitute around 78% of the air.

  • It's time for Nitrogen Cycle.

  • Leguminous Plant.

  • Atmospheric nitrogen cannot be used directly by plants and animals.

  • Nitrogen needs to get converted to nitrogenous compounds.

  • This process is called Nitrogen fixation.

  • So, go to my roots.

  • Leguminous plant roots.

  • Root nodules.

  • Rhizobium House.

  • Hi, I am Rhizobium bacterium.

  • I live in the root nodules of leguminous plants.

  • I am going to convert nitrogen to ammonia.

  • Ammonia.

  • Ammonia.

  • Hello, we are Nutrifying bacteria.

  • We are going to convert ammonia to nitrites and then nitrates.

  • Nitrates.

  • Nitrogen fixation can also occur by lightning strikes.

  • Nitrogenous compounds.

  • Nitrates.

  • Plants take these nitrates from the soil.

  • Plants use these nitrates to make proteins.

  • Animals eat plants to get proteins.

  • Dead plants and animal excreta contain nitrogenous wastes.

  • Overtime, these wastes decay and ammonia is released.

  • Ammonia.

  • Nutrifying bacteria.

  • Ammonia again gets converted to nitrates.

  • Nitrates.

  • Some nitrates are again used by plants.

  • NItrates.

  • Denitrifying bacteria.

  • Hello, we are going to convert these nitrates back to atmospheric nitrogen.

  • NItrogen gas goes back to atmosphere.

  • Hence, my percentage in air remains constant.

  • Atmospheric nitrogen.

  • Rhizobium.

  • Ammonia.

  • Nutrifying bacteria.

  • Nitrates.

  • Lightning strike.

  • Nitrates.

  • Plants absorb nitrates to make proteins.

  • Animals eat plants to get proteins.

  • NItrogenous wastes.

  • Decay.

  • Ammonia.

  • Nitrifying bacteria.

  • Nitrates.

  • Denitrifying bacteria.

  • Atmospheric nitrogen.

  • This cycle is known as Nitrogen Cycle.

  • The End.

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Nitrogen Cycle.

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