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  • Hello, everyone. I'm George. Today, let's talk about infuriating behaviors at the airport.

  • Okay, it's summer vacation now. People want to go traveling to another

  • country. I bet you're one of them. Maybe you are watching this video at the

  • airport right now. So today, we're going to talk about some infuriating behaviors

  • that you would see either at the airport or on the plane. Listen to what I'm going to say.

  • Check if you've done that before. Don't do it again. And learn some English from it.

  • Here we go. Number One. Repacking overweight luggage at the counter.

  • Repacking overweight luggage at the counter. You know, a lot of times when you

  • are ready to come back home, and you've just done a lot of shopping during your

  • travel. Maybe in Japan. You put everything into the luggage, and you just try to

  • squeeze in as many souvenirs as possible into the small little tiny luggage of yours.

  • You're at the airport counter. You realize that it's overweight. What do you do?

  • You squat down. Open your luggage. And start rearranging everything in your luggage.

  • Do you know there are a lot of people waiting in line? Maybe some of

  • them cannot catch the flight because of you. You know what? I've done that before.

  • And I've learned a lesson from it. If you're afraid this might happen to you,

  • you can buy a scale. It's not super expensive. It is only like NT$200 or NT$300.

  • And you can carry it in your bag. You can weigh as many times as possible.

  • So next time make sure before you go to the airport, weigh your luggage first. And

  • Number Two. Crowding the baggage carrousel. Crowding the baggage carrousel.

  • After you just get off the airplane, you go through the customs. You would go to

  • the luggage claim. And what do you do? You stand there in front of the baggage

  • carousel, and you wait. But there are some people who would just stand so close to

  • the conveyor (conveyer) belt. They're blocking everything. You see your baggage there,

  • but because those people are standing right in front of you. You just cannot

  • get to it. Come on! Your baggage will be here. When is your time, step forward.

  • Don't block the way. Don't crowd in front of the baggage carousel. And Number Three.

  • Videos at full volume. Videos at full volume.

  • Sometimes when I'm catching a red-eye, I really need some sleep. I get off work at

  • probably nine o'clock, ten o'clock. I go to the airport. It's already 12 o'clock.

  • I need to take a nap. And there are always some other people who sit next to you,

  • that are watching a video without wearing a ear phone. They just want to

  • share the video with everyone at the airport or on the plane. I don't want to

  • watch that video. Turn down the volume. Get a pair of earphones. And let me

  • quietly enjoy my nap. Number Four.

  • Kid wilding. Kid wilding.

  • I love kids.

  • I'm not against kids at the airport or on the plane. But when they're running

  • around without the supervision of their parents, they might get hurt, and they

  • could go crazy. You might see kids running around kicking over everything. They might

  • be tripped over by other people's bags. What if they're hurt? They would cry.

  • And it's so noisy. Remember, I'm not against having kids in the airport. I'm not

  • against having family trips happily. I'm against parents thinking everyone should

  • be babysitting their kids. They're your kids. They're your responsibility. So next

  • time when you're taking your kids out, make sure you are parenting

  • Don't let your kids go wilding. Number Five.

  • Bogarting electrical outlets. Bogarting electrical outlets.

  • In this world, a lot of people would have more

  • than two phones, and sometimes people even have an iPad, your electronic books

  • even your power bank, and your laptop. Do you have to charge them all at the same

  • time. How many electrical outlets are you going to occupy at the same time? Come on!

  • There are hundreds or thousands of people at the airport. At least spare one

  • for others. It's not your home. If you want to do this, do it at your home, in

  • your own house. This is a public place. Don't bogart all the electrical outlets at

  • the same time. You don't have to charge them all. Let other people enjoy a moment

  • of pleasure like you do. Number six.

  • Go through security unprepared. Go through security unprepared.

  • You know, when you go through security, you have to

  • take out your laptop. You have to take out your cell phones. You have to empty

  • your pockets, and you also have to take off your jackets, and put everything in

  • the basket they prepare for you. Sometimes they're just people who don't

  • know anything about this. Read the instructions. If this is your first time

  • to go abroad, look at what other people are doing. Don't just go to the security

  • gate, and wait there, block the whole way. You know what to do. Take off your belt.

  • Empty your pockets. Take out your laptops. Take out your cell phones.

  • Take off your jackets. Take off your backpacks.

  • Maybe sometimes you have some metal objects on you. Also take them off if you can.

  • Put them all in the basket. And you are good to go. Get it?

  • So never go to the security unprepared. These are the six things that I found

  • that are very infuriating at the airport or sometimes on the plane. Try not to do

  • them. Or at least when you accidentally do that, don't do them unapologetically.

  • People hate it. Have you ever seen people do something really annoying at the

  • airport, or have you done anything like that before?

  • Share it with us. Leave a comment below. If you liked today's video, make sure you

  • hit the like button down there, and also subscribe to this channel.

  • I'll see you next time. Bye.

Hello, everyone. I'm George. Today, let's talk about infuriating behaviors at the airport.

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Infuriating Behaviors at the Airport

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