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  • Hey, what's up GG (guys and girls)? CouilleBleu's back today to play...

  • Here are the runes, masteries, skill distributions and items that you'll need to have the smallest eyes in all the League.

  • Being bot is the best because you can let your ButtFucking Friend get purposely grabbed to whoop that kiddo in no time.

  • But, unlike that kiddo, you're not a range champion, so you have to bait him by faking a run away

  • then Charge-Triple Poke-Lightning Speed combo him to death.

  • After that, you can enjoy your threesome with that robot, no problem!

  • If the enemy called their ButtFucking Jungle, just fight it out because you'll have no problem to whoop them easily.

  • Then move on to that Blitz once again to Triple Poke-Flash him until he doesn't want to come bot anymore.

  • If your ButtFucking Friend got shot an arrow to the knee, Charge-Triple Poke-Lightning Speed combo that fuckabish to punish her

  • and Spin to separate the healer from the pirate.

  • Then, poke him like any parent that would slap your ass whenever you did something wrong when you were young.

  • To piss that archer even more, Spin to separate her from Soraka and let her die from Singed poisonous fart.

  • Do the same thing for the healer for an easy kill.

  • Ghost, check!

  • Charging Triple Poke, check!

  • Don't worry Ashe, the party's just getting started!

  • Your Spin attack is the best to attack multiple enemies at once if you don't want to poke them one by one.

  • And that is great if you want to break the world record for the fastest chinatown jungler in your country.

  • Its other utility is to pushback a foursome, send Nunu to his death while saving Cocky because you love his RC helicopter,

  • run away from a thief that wants to capture you to sell you oversea as a slave

  • or simply to get the last hit of a kill.

  • Your Triple Poke is useful to have a successful solo threesome,

  • to poke your twin brother,

  • to poke a gigantic piss diver,

  • to save your beloved princess from being killed,

  • to kill the Dragon,

  • to destroy a turret,

  • to destroy turret's brother

  • and to one shot any minion you poke.

  • Your Charge is the best to kill a running snowman,

  • a running scorpion,

  • a running super saiyan

  • and a trapped what-the-shit monster.

  • Oh yeah...use it to have an epic showdown just like in any Hollywood movie,

  • to KS a single minion,

  • to KS a ton of dying minions

  • and to farm faster without losing a single second.

  • Always use your Lightning Speed to destroy any inhibitor like a boss.

  • Combine your Triple Poke-Lightning Speed into a combo to jungle faster

  • and to steal your ButtFucking Friend's red buff.

  • Cancel your recall to Charge-Triple Poke to KS your team to make them pissed.

  • Combine your Charge-Triple Poke-Lightning Speed into a combo and Cocky won't have time to fly away.

  • For summoner spells, take Ghost and you'll be able to save your ally from being killed.

  • Take Flash and Zyra won't have enough time to run away to a safe spot,

  • Soraka won't be able to meet her boyfriend

  • and your brother will cry like a baby.

  • Perform a Ghost-Flash combo and that what-the-shit monster will regret not walking from here to his base.

  • And, no one will survive a raging chinatown kid rampaging over a lost penny.

  • Roam around with your ButtFucking Friend and double poke that snowman until he dies.

  • Hide in the brush like some real Demacian and Triple Poke-Lightning Speed that Darius before he can make a single move.

  • Hunt the enemy jungler and whoop him like a boss so he'll never roam in his own jungle ever again.

  • Follow your ButtFucking Friend with a Flash and whoop that trapped enemy a second time.

  • Team up with Jax and jump on that tiny little wimpy monster to not let him grow bigger than that.

  • Team up with Malphite to juggle that Brand before he can cast a single barbecue spell.

  • If your ButtFucking Friend gets ganked, wait until he does a bit of work and do everything you can to KS him like a boss.

  • Then, everyone will think that you're godlike, no problem!

  • Triple Poke-Charge combo at Brand and Spin to separate Blitz from his team.

  • Then, go back to Blitz and KS your team with a Charge like a boss.

  • With Xin, you can easily Charge at any enemies hiding behind their teammates to Spin before they throw a fart cloud.

  • Then, stand your ground even if you're low on health to kill that super saiyan and your brother, no problem!

  • You can leave Blitz alone but if he tries to kill your dying teammate, Charge-Triple Poke him to punish him.

  • Charge-Triple Poke that kiddo, back off to avoid being hit by the turret and come back to Shoryuken Soraka.

  • If you want, separate yourself from the team and Charge-Triple Poke-Lightning Speed combo that Ezreal and finish your one night stand with a Spin.

  • Then, KS your whole team being on Skarner and close the teamfight by poking Zyra to death.

  • If your brother keeps on poking you while you chase an archer, turn back and kill him to move on with your initial objective.

  • That's it for today, people!

  • Don't forget to check out my channel for more boring League of Legends videos.

  • Feel free to leave a comment in any language you want, but I'll only answer those in English and in French because I'm a racist fuckabish.

  • Ciaossu!

Hey, what's up GG (guys and girls)? CouilleBleu's back today to play...

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