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  • Good day. The first World War is rather under represented when it comes to games; usually

  • games only follow the second World War or possibly Vietnam. Really, World War I has

  • kind of been relegated to the mists of history. Unless of course you're talking about the

  • air war! And that is seen.... kind of seldomly in games. Now, the game we're looking at today

  • does follow the air war of the Great War. The game is Wings 2: Aces High, releases for

  • the SNES by Namco. It is an arcade style flight sim.

  • Now graphically, the game looks really, really good. The airplanes are all quite detailed,

  • and it actually controls fairly well although you'll find it to be somewhat stiff. Really,

  • you've better be happy that you've got infinite ammo because accurate aiming is all but impossible.

  • Really, you're just gonna have to point your plane at the enemy and just let fly. Now the

  • game also mixes it up a bit when it comes to the missions. Sometimes you'll be going

  • on fighter sweeps to shoot down enemy fighters, but other times you'll be going on bombing

  • runs to take out factories, and then sometimes you'll have to go on a mission to shoot at

  • a tank or a truck. These are very... very... difficult. These are some of the most annoying

  • in the game because you fly so fast and you can't see very far which means the truck will

  • appear in about two seconds and you have to have the bloody reflexes of a Force user to

  • shoot the bloody thing.

  • The game also has a rather novel pilot upgrade system, although I'm not really sure how it

  • works. You have these sliders and you can give your pilot better skills and mechanics

  • and shooting and things of that nature, but when you actually play the game it doesn't

  • really feel that much different.

  • The game also has a fairly unique lives system as well. It's legitimate "lives". Whenever

  • your pilot dies he's actually dead and you lose a real life, thus making the game somewhat

  • dark in a way. You really don't want to lose a mission because that means your pilot's

  • dead. He's buried. He's gone. That's pretty intense for a SNES game.

  • Overall, Wings 2: Aces High is a decently made flight sim. It doesn't have any real

  • deficiencies when it comes to graphics, or music, or gameplay, and manages to be a fairly

  • memorable game from the SNES era, one that I do indeed recommend picking up. And so,

  • this is Jon, signing off.

Good day. The first World War is rather under represented when it comes to games; usually

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CGR Undertow - WINGS 2: ACES HIGH review for Super Nintendo

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