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  • Part of the fun with Pixar movies are its Easter eggs.

  • But if you've been looking carefully, you may have noticed the studio's films are

  • chock-full of Apple references, which is likely a nod to Pixar's former owner and CEO Steve Jobs

  • and the success he brought the company.

  • Here are 5 blatant Apple references in Pixar films.

  • 1.

  • Monsters, Inc.

  • When Mike Wazowski holds up a magazine, you can make out an advertisement for a computer on the back cover.

  • The ad's slogan saysScare Different,” a spin on Apple's iconicThink Differentslogan.

  • 2.

  • -Wall-E -“Wall-E.”

  • Director Andrew Stanton told CNN Money in 2008 that he worked with Apple designer Jony Ive

  • to make Eve look like an Apple product.

  • And that she does.

  • Eve?”

  • [Giggles]

  • 3. Coco.

  • When Mama Imelda tries to find out why she

  • can't leave the Land of the Dead to see her family, the clerk looks her up on what

  • appears to be a Macintosh 128K, Apple's first personal computer.

  • That devil box tells you nothing but lies!”

  • 4. Cars.

  • One of the cars featured in the film is an

  • Apple-sponsored racer named Mac iCar.

  • This is less of a reference to Apple than it is Pixar literally screaming,


  • Mac iCar's racing number is also 84, the same year Apple released the Macintosh 128K.

  • Macintosh, from Apple.”

  • 5. Toy Story 3

  • Who's Velocistar237?”

  • Oh!”

  • Again, this one's pretty obvious.

  • If you take one look at the computer the toys used to look for Andy,

  • you'll realize it's a Mac from the desktop's familiar-looking OS and monitor shape.

  • That's nothing, let me just take care of that.

  • It's just a dinosaur.”

  • All right.”

  • From the not-so-subtle to the totally-in-your face, the Apple references that Pixar peppers

  • throughout your favorite flicks can make for an Easter egg gold mine.

  • It's a musical!

  • Put that thing back where it came from or so help me!

  • So help me!

  • So help me!

  • And cut!

Part of the fun with Pixar movies are its Easter eggs.

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5 Apple References in Pixar Films That You Probably Missed

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    April Lu posted on 2019/03/15
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