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  • now you may know that my room mate pranked me back recently

  • but you all know me by now

  • and you know that a sugg is

  • not gonna put up with any of that

  • so it's time for some revenge

  • sugg style!

  • so for this prank

  • so for this prank

  • i decided to fill my room mate's room

  • with lots and lots of balloons

  • but the balloons are gonna act as just a decoy

  • because in all of those balloons

  • is gonna be a little surprise waiting for him

  • and that surprise is going to be our friend oli

  • there he is

  • we can't have oli jump out of the balloons just like that

  • he'll have to look alot more scary

  • mm yeah kind of...

  • that's better! thats the one

  • so hopefully, my roommate thinks that the balloons are the main prank

  • and doesn't have a clue

  • there's a giant, scary clown hiding in the balloons

  • but first we need to get this room ready

  • this could take a while...

  • god..

  • its ummm quater to four in the morning

  • oli this is no time to be taking selfies

  • we've got work to do

  • it's nearly twenty past five in the morning

  • it's only twenty... twenty

  • i can't even talk

  • i'm so tired

  • so oli's gonna have a twenty minute nap...

  • he says twenty minutes...

  • maybe an hour

  • all right mate are you still doing it?

  • i haven't slept

  • last balloon..

  • one thousand and sixty balloons we used oh my god

  • smashed it mate

  • absolutely smashed it

  • we then set up the cameras in the right places then added the finishing touches

  • and then all that remained was to play the waiting game

  • did you do this on your own?

  • yeah I was up all night

  • try and get to your bed try and get to your bed

  • go like level with your bed

  • over by that camera then give a wave

  • when like you're really far back...

  • so go to that camera?

  • towards your blinds, yeah head towards your blinds

  • along side your bed

  • keep going

  • i can't even see you man

  • wait

  • stand by the bed

  • come left a bit

  • by the camera

  • and then...

  • keep going...

  • 00:03:36,620 --> 00:03:38,580 aaaggggghhhhh!!

  • aaaagggghhh!

  • where are you

  • is that oli

  • its oli


  • just stop.

  • you're not going to win this prank war my friend

  • if you enjoyed this video guys, then please give it a big thumbs up

  • and i'll see you next week with another sugg sunday special

  • oohh

  • bye.

now you may know that my room mate pranked me back recently

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Ultimate Balloon Prank On My Roommate

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    黃昱樺 posted on 2019/03/09
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