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  • That�s... that�s Tron and Frank West and Hsien-Ko beating the hell out of a Reaverbot.

  • I suppose I shouldn�t be that shocked, since... well, Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 exists and allows

  • almost that very scene to play out. But... then it�s a Tactical RPG. And I�m not

  • shocked by that, either, as the 3DS has quickly become the bastion of my favorite genre. But...

  • then, Vashyron from Resonance of Fate launches a support attack up and over Haken and Kaguya

  • from Super Robot Taisen OG Saga Endless Frontier, before being further supported by Dante and

  • Demitri, and it stops being a tactical RPG and becomes some kinda weird juggle-centric

  • action crazyness. And, permeating it all, a thick layer of metacontextual hijinks, callbacks,

  • and nerdy references. I�d call it TJ�s Brain: the Game, but that�d also include

  • copping to a level of creepy euphemism-laden ogling typically reserved for bad harem comedies.

  • I realize this would normally be Strange Anime License Friday... but considering that were

  • blending, by my count, no fewer than 13 franchises with anime components in some form or another,

  • I think it qualifies.

  • Much like its 2006 Japan-only predecessor Namco X Capcom, everything in damn near every

  • franchise in three of the world�s largest publishers has gone wibbly-wobbly. Interdimensional

  • rifts are popping up everywhere, leading to folks getting lost in the Willamette Mall

  • or Makaimura when they were tryinto get to Roppongi or Shibuya. Man. Between this,

  • Devil Survivor, and The World Ends With You, anyone would be justified in avoiding Tokyo

  • at all costs. Our obligatory original-IP characters, vis this detective ninja dude and his combat-cheerleader

  • pupil, investigate the disturbance and cross paths with hero after displaced hero, searching

  • for a fix to the madness and a way back home. ButBack Homeusually meansthrough

  • a field of villains,� in this case the chaos-propagating Ouma syndicate and their hordes of chumps.

  • And when I say hordes, I MEAN IT. Some battles put you up against around fifty enemy units,

  • with more - and potentially a drastic shift in objective - coming partway through the

  • skirmish. You can spend well over an hour on each fight, just sawing through foes. But

  • it�s not just point, click, damage, next... there�s action to be done.

  • Yes, instead of just swinging a sword or shooting a gun, youre getting in there and beatin

  • crap up on a more intimate level. Each of your units on the map is actually a pair of

  • fighters, supported by a third character equipped to that unit and, potentially, an adjacent

  • ally-pair. Once battle begins, your goal is to dish out as much damage as possible, by

  • combining your standard techniques (controlled by a directional input plus the A button)

  • with your ally calls (on the L and R triggers) to juggle the bejeezus out of whatever youre

  • fighting. Each hit charges your XP gauge (not to be confused with EXP, though it usually

  • is); hit Y when it�s at 100% or better and shit gets REALLY shiny. (And in 3D, to boot!)

  • Your success in battle is entirely based on your timing, as well as the synergy in attack

  • location between all parties taking place in the affair. Fortunately, rather than just

  • going by happenstance, your intermission status screen offers a combat simulator against a

  • customizable opponent, so you can experiment and find optimally synergistic combinations

  • without having to enter a 90-minute slobberknocker.

  • Project X Zone is by no means anaccessiblegame. You need to have a solid grasp of timing

  • and the patience to mow through a whole tomb of zombies in one crack (until some scantily-clad

  • hellion shows up and drops even more in your lap). You need a fairly high tolerance for

  • sexual innuendo and/or exploitative camera angles and poses, �cuz... well, Morrigan�s

  • in the game, and she�s rather tame by comparison to most. An encyclopedic knowledge of most

  • or all of these franchises helps, but even then there are many references made to events

  • in Namco X Capcom, like how Tron gained familiarity with the science of the Xenosaga series. But

  • it somehow manages to be goofy, and thoroughly entertaining, while introducing a hardcore

  • action element to the tactical RPG genre. My only piddling gripes are the exclusion

  • of certain characters, made all the egregious by the size of the final roster anyway (or

  • just because I wanted a Klonoa/Sonic team), as well as the rather shallow difficulty curve

  • if youve got any experience in tactical or fighting gaming. These go alongside my

  • primary gripe, that I�m now forced to acknowledge a post-Camelot Shining Force game. And frankly,

  • I think it�s worth it.

That�s... that�s Tron and Frank West and Hsien-Ko beating the hell out of a Reaverbot.

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CGR Undertow - PROJECT X ZONE review for Nintendo 3DS

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