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  • Hi, I'm RoboThespian, I'm a humanoid robot designed for communication and built by Engineered Arts.

  • He was, our first robot to come out of that idea, 'Let's make a robot to talk to people.'

  • So he's all about expression.

  • There are 2,300 parts required to make RoboThespian.

  • Shaking the hand here

  • And it's designed to really mimic a human arm.

  • Yeah, I mean as best he can.

  • He's obviously got limits to his movements. So he can't cross his arms up here.

  • You've got these continual compromises between the engineering problem and the aesthetic problem.

  • Engineered Arts designs and creates nearly all of its parts in-house in a warehouse in Cornwall in the U.K.

  • Mechanics, engineers and software developers work together closely to bring the robot to life.

  • So, basically this is RoboThespian's torso here.

  • Machines do a lot of the heavy lifting inside the factory but it's human workers who operate the machines.

  • This is a case of robots making jobs, not robots taking jobs.

  • So, we're always looking to hire new people.

  • One big problem we have is there's not much expertise in robotics, and there's huge demand.

  • RoboThespian sells for around £60,000. That's just over $80,000,

  • which buys you technology like human face recognition and movement tracking.

  • He represents in himself, sort of, 12 years of development.

  • How do you quantify that?

  • It's insane.

  • Thanks so much for showing us around today.

  • No problem at all. It's been a pleasure having you guys.

  • Hey everyone, thanks so much for watching our video of the tour inside the robot factory.

  • Be sure to check out our video about if robots are going to potentially take our jobs,

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  • Talk to you later!

Hi, I'm RoboThespian, I'm a humanoid robot designed for communication and built by Engineered Arts.

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A look inside a humanoid robot factory | CNBC Reports

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