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  • (upbeat music)

  • - You can have a regular normal body guy with his shirt off

  • trying to inspire people,

  • or you can have me,

  • a guy with no legs and one arm.

  • (somber music)

  • My name's Nick Santonastasso,

  • I have Hanhart Syndrome,

  • and Hanhart Syndrome is a rare genetic disorder

  • which either leaves the baby with undeveloped limbs

  • or undeveloped organs.

  • In my case, it was just my limbs that were,

  • you know, affected.

  • Middle school was like my rock bottom.

  • I was always asking, you know,

  • why was I born like this?

  • Had suicidal thoughts.

  • Wrestling started me on, you know, the answer to why.

  • I had to have standing ovations when I lost,

  • and I just didn't understand

  • because I'm a very competitive person,

  • I'm like, you're not supposed to cheer on

  • someone that loses.

  • After the matches, I'd have parents come up to me

  • and be like hey,

  • my kid never did a sport,

  • and he saw you today, and now he's signed up

  • for all these sports, you know,

  • because he sees that if you're doing it,

  • there's no excuse for him not to.

  • It was like, that's why I'm here,

  • and I wanted to break into the fitness industry,

  • because I was inspired by these fitness guys

  • that, you know, sit around with their six pack

  • next to their nice car,

  • but getting into it, it's much more than that,

  • it's how you can move people and show them

  • that, like, living a healthy lifestyle is not as hard

  • as you think it is,

  • especially if I can do it.

  • My life revolves around, you know,

  • eating and training and posting.

  • (camera flashes)

  • I look at being fit,

  • I look at motivating and inspiring as a duty.

  • I got a message from a UK mom,

  • she had twins and one of the twin's legs had to be amputated,

  • she said that they watched the videos together

  • and he goes, like me, mom,

  • he's like me, mom.

  • I didn't have that as a kid,

  • I didn't have someone to look up to.

  • That kid can you know, oh,

  • I don't know how to do this,

  • let me look at Nick's page.

  • That's why I do this.

  • (upbeat music)

(upbeat music)

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The Legless, One-Armed Bodybuilder

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