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  • The scariest thing in life is getting old and dying with regrets still inside of us.

  • We all have heard stories about people, who wish they had done more with their lives.

  • And if they could go back into their 20s, they would do things completely differently.

  • Regret is one of the worst emotions that any of us could ever experience.

  • And I don't want any of you to experience it so in this video I'm gonna go over the three life questions that you need to ask yourself.

  • If you want to avoid waking up at the age of 40, full of regret, the first question you need to ask yourself is, what experiences do I want to have in my life?

  • This is important because, there are two types of goals in life.

  • There are means goals and end goals.

  • Examples of end goals can be, something like traveling around the world, learning a new skill or simply being happy with your life.

  • People tend to chase end goals not realizing that these are actually means goals.

  • Here are some more examples of Means goals:

  • I want to do well on my math test.

  • I want to graduate from college.

  • I want to get this particular job.

  • But if you ask these people, why do you want this?

  • There is always a 'so' associated with the answer.

  • I want to do well on my math test so I can graduate from college.

  • I want to graduate from college so I can do this.

  • Maybe you want a good job so you can travel around the world.

  • You can be madly in love with someone, it could be when you hold your first born baby.

  • The so's are what make life beautiful and they're the moments that you tell your friends and family about.

  • They're the moments that you truly cherish at the end of your life.

  • These are end goals and these are what you should be chasing.

  • Once you ask yourself what experiences, do I want to have in my life, you will identify what your end goals are.

  • And you should actually write them down.

  • Ask yourself what countries do I want to travel to?

  • What kind of spouse do I want to have?

  • Once you ask yourself these questions, you will see they don't actually require that much money.

  • Which is funny because we usually associate money with happiness.

  • Do this exercise and you will see exactly what I mean.

  • The second question you need to ask yourself is: for to be this man or woman who has all these experiences, how do I have to grow in order to get them?

  • This is where we start the second list.

  • Some examples questions are:

  • How can I become a better father?

  • What skills do I need to learn in order to travel around the world?

  • What social skills do I need to learn in order to meet someone I can truly fall in love with?

  • In my opinion, the reason why most of us associate learning with a negative or boring emotion is because of the traditional education system.

  • They exercise something called forced learning or they force concepts down our throats.

  • Most of of which are useless in life.

  • It's crazy to think that in today's society, it has become totally normal to dread learning.

  • And when we actually come across something, we actually really are interested in, it almost feels strange to indulge in it, because our brains are so accustomed to dislike learning.

  • So let's say you have learned all the skills you need and you are now the person you wanted to be.

  • The third question you must ask yourself is:

  • How can I give back to the world?

  • The Dalai Lama said, if you want to be happy, make other people happy.

  • Tony Robbins who is worth over half a billion dollars and one of the most famous self-help speakers, in the entire world also says giving back is what will make you the happiest, and this is what he does to this day.

  • The third question is what truly leads to fulfillment.

  • Take your experiences and your growth and contribute to the people around you.

  • If you have learned how to make amazing wooden tables, mentor someone else who wants to learn how to make wooden tables.

  • If you have figured out how to create your own successful business, mentor someone else who wants the same results that you have already achieved.

  • Doing this takes you beyond happiness.

  • It takes you to your true fulfillment.

  • When you do this exercise of writing down these three questions, you will cut through all the useless BS, and it will get you thinking in very unconventional ways.

  • It takes your brain out of mainstream thinking and you will start seeing the world in a very different way.

  • A lot of this material that I just went over, is from someone who I really admire named Vischen Lakhiani.

  • And I'm definitely saying that name wrong.

  • But I highly recommend you check him out.

  • I'll leave his name in the box below.

  • So as you guys I read and respond to all of your comments, and I can see that a lot of you have been asking me to upgrade my microphone.

  • I have not done that and if this sounds better please leave the video like and let me know in the comment section, if you can really hear the difference.

  • And again thank you so much for watching this video and I'll see you in the next one.

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The scariest thing in life is getting old and dying with regrets still inside of us.

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