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  • Trying to...

  • go to this bakery. I've forgot where it is...

  • Why are you closed!?


  • WHYYYY !?

  • (Skoob Books - a secondhand bookshop)

  • Why is everything closed today?

  • This is one good cafe

  • This is an underground cafe

  • Looks like it's closed

  • (sarcastic) Great...

  • Everything's closed

  • (Announcement) Please stand clear of closing doors

  • Train's now ready to pass thank you

  • Closing doors!

  • Thank you!

  • So I'm home for Christmas now

  • And I'm just wrapping up some presents

  • Be my (cellotape) holder for a second

  • Thank you!

  • I'm waiting for you (to take a picture)

  • I'm so sorry, I didn't even realise!

  • Cheers!

  • Merry Christmas!

  • OK, so what's the new lingo that kids use these days?

  • Right, so one of the new ones at the moment is...

  • pattern.

  • Pattern?

  • Pattern.

  • 'Pattern your life up!"

  • That is like= fix up

  • Like pattern, p-a-t-t-e-r-n?

  • Yes, like a pattern

  • I've never heard of that

  • Well, us normal people-


  • But no, these guys are like, 'Pattern your life up!"

  • That's like 'Sort yourself out' or 'get your sh*t together"

  • The 'calm' ones weird, like 'be calm'

  • Be calm? No no no!

  • You don't 'be calm', Teresa!

  • NO!

  • You've got some learning to do!

  • No no no!

  • Don't ever say that!

  • "It's calm!"

  • It's calm, means it's good/I like it/it's cool

  • It's cool, but don't use the word cool!

  • No one uses the word cool!

  • Cool feels a bit old, even though I do say it

  • And the other one is 'peak'

  • I always get 'peak' wrong

  • Which you would think peak would be like...

  • Something positive/really good/up there

  • But it's actually not

  • Peak is like negative...

  • Certy.

  • Like a certificate. Like a certifed?

  • YES!

  • But what does it mean?!

  • Like she's safe (old British slang)

  • Like she's cool

  • Or not she, but he as well. Could be he.

  • Basically another word for safe?

  • Yeah...Kind of

  • Someone you think positively of.

  • Is that the end of this English language lesson?

  • I think it might have to be

  • Because I don't know any more

  • In my house

  • We...

  • Recycle old Christmas cards by...

  • Re-using them and turning them into Christmas tags

  • I guess it's quite a useful way to recycle!

  • I miss doing DIY stuff

Trying to...

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London Vlog | Home for Christmas & Learning New British Slang

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    Amy.Lin posted on 2018/12/29
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