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  • What's up guys?

  • Coach Madden, official trainer, and today we've got 3 things that you should

  • never do when hitting or 3 things that your coaches, I hear a lot of coaches say, that

  • are not true.

  • I've got Coach Nick Shaw here.

  • He played with the Brewers organization last year.

  • He was a lead off hitter, a great hitter.

  • He also runs a travel team, the St. Pete Stingers, and they're starting an 11u team this year

  • so if you're an 11u player in the St. Pete area or surrounding area, please check him

  • out at on Instagram or his website

  • Now, at the youth level, I understand that a lot of you coaches are volunteers and maybe

  • haven't played that much baseball or have gone that far or are that knowledgable, you're

  • just helping out and are doing what you can and we appreciate that and we appreciate all

  • the help and support that you bring to this sport, but these 3 things, if you're doing

  • them, please stop, because they're not right.

  • The first thing that I always see is squish the bug.

  • Coaches say squish the bug, turn the hips, squish the bug, hips, hips, hips, turn the

  • hips.

  • What do you think about that?

  • How does it really work and what are you supposed to being doing?

  • So, they're telling them to squish the bug, which then opens this hip up, opens the shoulder

  • up, and everything flies this way.

  • Instead of staying inside the ball and trying to drive everything to the middle of the field.

  • Like I referenced earlier Bryce Harper and Mike Trout, if you watch them in videos, great

  • hitters, they're coming through like this on the toe, Bryce Harper is in the air, Mike

  • Trout is dragging the the back foot.

  • So please drive this back leg with your hands, instead of rotating around the ball.

  • The second thing that I always hear too is coaches saying swing down on that ball or

  • even have a level swing.

  • How actually should the swing be?

  • So the whole swinging down thing I believe is what they thought when they were talking

  • about the knob starts down to the ball and then the bat comes, however they translate

  • it different and actually think that kids should actually be swinging down or otherwise

  • swinging up or whatever they're teaching.

  • It should be behind the baseball, behind the baseball as long as you can.

  • It's not going to be a completely level swing because the ball isn't coming at a completely

  • level plane.

  • So we should be behind the ball and in the path of the ball as long as we can.

  • That's a great one and the 3rd thing that I always hear is get your elbow up.

  • Get that elbow up, get that elbow up little Johnny, get that elbow up.

  • But how does this really work?

  • So the elbow up thing is very common in little league as you said.

  • The first thing that happens is again, the bat starts to drop and we're tight as you

  • can see we come around the ball.

  • The first action for your back elbow is to get into the slot here so the further we get

  • cranked up here the further we have to go to get in the slot and you see what happens

  • to the barrel of the bat when we do.

  • So keep it tight here, right into the slot.

  • I don't know about you but I see a lot of big league guys but when they are up there

  • they kind of bring those elbows together almost like when they're getting ready kind of staying

  • nice and tight.

  • You do see a lot of guys getting up there pretty high but you can see when they get

  • that load and the elbow comes back, they're still a lot tighter and not up and back this

  • way.

  • Those are great points there.

  • I really appreciate it.

  • Again, if you're an 11u player in the St. Pete area you want to check out the Stingers.

  • Coach Nick is going to be coaching this year and don't forget to go check out his website

  • also his instagram he's got some great stuff over there and if

  • you haven't already, please hit that subscribe button, click my logo right here, then click

  • the subscribe button.

  • Go check out my most recent video over here.

  • Leave Coach Nick and I a comment below and let us know which of these 3 things you've

  • heard before, which ones you do or don't do, and name some other ones.

  • I know there's some other ones put them down there I want to hear them.

  • We'll talk to you guys down there.

  • Thanks

What's up guys?

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3 Things You Should NEVER Do When Hitting! - Baseball Hitting Tips

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