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  • [Russia] Hello stranger!

  • [Norway] I declare war on you.

  • [Russia] Why?

  • [Norway] Because your navy is shit.

  • [Russia] Are you really declaring war on me for not having a navy?

  • [Norway] Yes...

  • [Russia] Alright shit let's fight

  • [Russia] Ah yes, finally!

  • [Russia] Now I just need one more turn to conquer the Vikings,

  • and continue peacefully expanding my empire!

  • [IN UNISON] Warmonger!

  • [Russia] Oh god, what have I done...

  • [everyone continues to scream warmonger in background]

  • [Norway] Hello, friend. Can you please open your borders for us?

  • [England] Sure.

  • [Norway] Jesus, what the fuck mate?

[Russia] Hello stranger!

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Civilization VI in a nutshell

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