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  • Carrhae,55 BC

  • The army of Marcus Lucinius Crassus marches deep into Parthia

  • Crassus is at the east looking for glory and riches

  • He need both in the stuggle for ultimate power back in Rome

  • For weeks he has marched after the Parthian army

  • They are drawing him deep into their own lands

  • but the Romans think the Parthians won't fight

  • and the Roman cavalry are too far ahead of the main column

  • They have ridden straight into a Parthian trap

  • Heavy cataphracts close in

  • and massacre the outnumbered Romans

  • Now the Parthian horse archers are free to harass the Roman infantry

  • Crassus orders his legions to form a testude as protection against arrows

  • This leaves them vulnerable in hand to hand combat

  • And the cataphracts are on their way

Carrhae,55 BC

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B2 H-INT US roman army harass ridden deep marched

Battle of Carrhae 53 BC | Total War: Rome 2 historical movie in cinematic Rome vs Parthia

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    wei   posted on 2018/12/14
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