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  • Hello Youtube, BlueMatona here and welcome to this episode of Game Guides where I will

  • be talking about the best faction to play as in Rome: Total War.

  • While there are a lot of considerations that go into this decision, the Seleucid Empire

  • is definitely the best faction for an Imperial campaign, taking the top spot by just barely

  • edging out the Roman Brutii faction.

  • Founded by a former General of Alexander the Great name Seleucus, the Seleucid Empire spans

  • from the western shores of Turkey where they have the city Sardis to almost the edge of

  • the map in the East.

  • Starting a campaign with the Seleucids, you control 6 territories and have one diplomat

  • and one spy.

  • While the economy of your empire will not start out strong in this game, you have the

  • opportunity to take prosperous trading ports in the west and south of your empire.

  • The Seleucids also have the ability to train a wide variety of troops.

  • They have the powerful silver shield pikemen and silver shield legionaries, which are basically

  • copies of the Roman legionary cohorts.

  • They can train Cataphracts and scythed chariots onagers and armored war elephants.

  • In fact, the Seleucids can train 5 different units that were chosen for my top ten units

  • in rome total war series.

  • Also, in the early game, Phalanx Pikemen can make up a bulk of your armies.

  • So while the Seleucids have a weak economy to start, they have the ability to field an

  • incredibly powerful army, giving them the opportunity to expand, especially into the

  • economically powerful Greek, Macedonian, and Egyptian lands around them.

  • If you're looking for a fun, war-heavy, and enjoyable game, the Seleucids are definitely

  • the empire for you.

  • Thank you all for watching this video.

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  • And as always, I'll see you all next time!

Hello Youtube, BlueMatona here and welcome to this episode of Game Guides where I will

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WHAT IS THE BEST FACTION - Game Guides - Rome: Total War

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