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  • Peter reminds me of all of us.

  • Impulsive, boisterous, engage the mouth before you engage the brain.

  • I know some of you... you are self-righteous you go, "I know someone is like that."

  • No no this is about you.

  • And me.

  • Jesus was in the mountain, Mount Hermon I believe.

  • And the Bible says, "His face shone like the sun in its strength" Wow

  • Can you imagine?

  • Glory!

  • Jesus' face is shining, Moses appeared, Elijah appeared, Peter answered.

  • Nobody asked him anything!

  • If Moses could have blushed he would have blushed.

  • Peter looked at Jesus and began to do what Jesus did.

  • Walking on the water.

  • As long as your eye is on Jesus you can do amazing things.

  • As long as he put Jesus between him and the circumstance he puts Jesus...

  • He's ok.

  • And you will be ok as long as you put whatever you are beset with right now.

  • Sickness in your family, financial downturn, a bad habit, addiction, as long as you put

  • that thing alright?

  • Not between you and Jesus, but put Jesus between you and the thing, you will be ok.

  • You will conquer the thing.

  • What is the greatest thing to His heart?

  • Before He leaves to go to the Father?

  • His sheep.

  • And who did He entrust His sheep to?

  • To a man who fell denying with cursing and swearing that He knew Jesus.

  • Of all the disciples it was Peter who preached a sermon.

  • Not afraid of the Jews anymore.

  • These are the people.

  • Some of them, they were there when he denied knowing Jesus.

  • He preached to them and said, "You killed the Messiah, the Prince of life whom God has

  • raised from the dead."

  • And they were cut to their heart the Bible says and three thousand people were saved

  • at Peter's preaching.

  • He became a pillar.

Peter reminds me of all of us.

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Joseph Prince - Ordinary Made Extraordinary Lessons From The Life Of Peter DVD Trailer

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