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  • Today, of course, things have become much more complicated.

  • Yet, we should not be intimidated by modern economics

  • regardless of how sophisticated it may appear.

  • So I ask you: If the dominant, most influential historical proponents

  • of this economic model, a model which has spread across the world,

  • planted this intellectual seed that it was impossible

  • to take care of everyone, and that poverty was inevitable,

  • and that it is only a higher, moral class, in effect,

  • that really deserves the fruits of a decent life,

  • do you think that maybe, it might explain why there has been virtually no real effort

  • on the part of any large scale establishment to actually resolve

  • global suffering on any real level?

  • Even though it has clearly statistically been technically possible,

  • for many, many decades now.

  • There is a better way

  • Economy: [Greek = Oikonomia] "Management of a Household": Thrift E.con.o.mize: "Increase Efficiency"

  • "Economic calculation in a Natural Law/Resource-Based Economy"

  • A lecture by Peter Joseph

  • November 12th 2013

  • Essentis Hotel Berlin

  • Tickets


Today, of course, things have become much more complicated.

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TZM Germany & Peter Joseph present "Economic Calculation in a NLRBE" | Nov. 12 2013

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