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  • No, it's okay.

  • So, we'll go see Schindler's List later.

  • Definitely.

  • Okay.

  • It was nice meeting you.

  • Okay.

  • Nice meeting you.

  • I'll call you later.

  • Boy, that was some show.

  • What show?

  • My Fair Lady.

  • When did you get tickets to see that?

  • Aaron surprised us. And Elaine came.

  • Oh, Elaine? Really?

  • Well, that sounds interesting.

  • We saw Regis Philbin get out of a limousine.

  • He looks better on TV.


  • Hello?

  • Hello, Jerry?

  • Yeah?

  • It's Jack Klompus.

  • Oh, hi, Jack.

  • So, when are you coming down to Florida again?

  • As soon as is humanly possible.

  • You know,

  • I still got that pen,

  • the one that writes upside down.

  • Yeah, yeah. I should have kept it.

  • So, where's your father?

  • Oh, he's right here.

  • Yeah?

  • Hello, Morty.

  • Listen...I can't get in the garage.

  • What do you mean?

  • There is something wrong with the gate.

  • The gate doesn't work.

  • You gotta jiggle it a little bit.

  • I jiggled it. I jiggled it for 15 minutes.

  • Tell him to come down here and get his own packages.

  • You have nothing better to do than to worry about his boxes?

  • You gotta pull on the knob as you turn it.

  • Get the hell outta here with your knob!

No, it's okay.

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Seinfeld can't open the garage

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