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  • Hi guys! Dan for BBC Learning English here.

  • This time we're looking at the difference between 'prevent' and 'avoid'.

  • 'Prevent' basically means 'stop'.

  • If you prevent something, you stop it from happening - often before it starts.

  • You can prevent something, prevent something from happening or prevent someone from doing something.

  • For example: The arrival of the police prevented crime.

  • Or: Losing my passport prevented me from flying.

  • Or: I prevented her from slapping me! Wow!

  • Now 'avoid', basically means 'miss'.

  • If you avoid something, you try to make it miss you.

  • For example: I avoided meeting my ex.

  • Or: I avoided the slap easily!

Hi guys! Dan for BBC Learning English here.

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Prevent vs Avoid: English In A Minute

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    Evangeline posted on 2018/11/20
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