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  • - I've been threatened by Haiti with voodoo over food;

  • I've taken mangoes from passengers from Jamaica,

  • and been threatened with my life.

  • Never a dull moment here at JFK.

  • Make it easier, that's it.

  • (upbeat music)

  • The reason why we're confiscating all this stuff

  • is not because it's harmful to the human being.

  • It's harmful for our plants and our animals.

  • This is a big port.

  • Last month we processed 1.5 million passengers.

  • You figure between fruits and vegetables,

  • you're talking about two or three hundred kilos a day

  • in just one terminal.

  • So you're talking about four to six hundred pounds.

  • - [Interviewer] What kind of foods are you confiscating?

  • - Every day is different,

  • every season is different,

  • Chinese New Year, Christmas, Easter.

  • We have beef candy from China,

  • Serrano ham from Spain,

  • we have lots of avocados,

  • salami from Italy,

  • no Pedro, I take it back, salami supremo,

  • that's Spain also.

  • Once the food item is seized,

  • it's put in what we call the contraband bin.

  • We drag the contraband bin across the terminal.

  • It's about a block long,

  • get a little exercise

  • and begin the process of grinding up

  • all the prohibited food items.

  • We're at the grinder table.

  • The officer will look

  • and see if there's any little exit holes or entry holes,

  • and that's where you're gonna find the insect.

  • - [Interviewer] Do you enjoy that part of the process?

  • Is it kind of a stress reliever for you?

  • - Oh, the grinder is great.

  • Sometimes I go home with a little bit of mango juice

  • and passion fruit juice on.

  • You're just having fun,

  • the water's splashing in your face,

  • but this is what we have to do

  • to protect American agriculture,

  • it's part of our job.

- I've been threatened by Haiti with voodoo over food;

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Where Illegal Food Goes to Die

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    April Lu posted on 2018/11/19
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