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  • So right now we are driving up the coast to get from Nice all the

  • way to Monaco, because tonight we are going for dinner and

  • drinks and some gambling in, "Are we going to Monte Carlo?"

  • Yes. Yea, we are, Monte Carlo! Its like Selena Gomez movie

  • but better. Did you see that movie. Yes I did. So you know what

  • I'm talking about.

  • Welcome to Monaco. Take a look. Oh my goodness. We are

  • now in one of the smallest countries in the world and one of the

  • richest countries in the world. It is not the richest country in the

  • world. Monaco is actually kind of ridiculous, basically a lot of

  • famous, rich and wealthy people live here because there is no

  • tax here, you don't pay tax on things, hence why you see these

  • crazy mega yachts down in the harbour. There is 0% poverty

  • 0% unemployment and pretty much is a rich persons mecca.

  • haven. A little bit of information why Monaco is seperate from

  • France. Monaco is Principality. Originally when it started it was

  • turned into a kingdom wanted to Grimaldi family to be at the top

  • and to be the king, however because it was so close to France

  • looking back hundreds of years before there was democracy,

  • before there was politicians and before you had any sort of

  • government, it was kings that ruled the people. And of course

  • you couldn't have Monaco so close to another king, these two

  • kings were going to start having fights and military coup. So for

  • Monaco to have its independence, you can't have a king, but

  • you can have a prince. That is what makes it a principality,

  • makes it independent, as long as it does not have a king.

  • Aston Martin.

  • There are a lot of very expensive, impressive cars here

  • we are not taking photographs of them, no. That is not what we

  • do. Of course not. That would be very immature and touristy

  • of us, of course.

  • So this is the grand casino. It is the main casino here in Monte

  • Carlo. This is amazing. Now I am just debating if I want to pay

  • 20 Euros to get into it or not. I don't know. Do you think I am

  • Alright, so I wasn't allowed to film in Monte Carlo casino.

  • They literally, I took my camera out and I filmed and they came

  • after me and said, no, and they made me delete on the spot,

  • made me delete the footage I filmed in the casino. So I

  • apologize. I coudn't get any footage of the casino for you, but

  • I wanted to report on our winnings. So, I want to tell you that

  • I won 22 dollars. I went down to 38, then I went back up to 75,

  • Bam, Winning. What did you win? I lost 45 Euros

  • But I kept a token. Do you want to see it? You kept a token?

  • We are not supposed to keep the chips. Here. How much is it

  • is it worth? 5 Euros. that is a 5 Euro chip from Monte Carlo.

  • That is actually a pretty good souvenir. I wish I would keep it,

  • but I just put it in a slot machine.

  • I was like, slot machine. That is how I roll. That is how I roll. Hey

  • I won 22 dollars and you are down 45. So.. But you don't have

  • have a chip. That is true. You have a chip and I don't. I'll just

  • stop there. Alright. We are on a bus ride home. Good night.

So right now we are driving up the coast to get from Nice all the

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High Rolling in Monte Carlo- [Monaco, Monaco]

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    Halu Hsieh posted on 2013/10/09
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