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  • Feifei: Hello and welcome to The English

  • We Speak. I'm Feifei.

  • Neil: And I'm Neil. So how was your

  • holiday, Feifei? Got any photos?

  • Feifei: Yeah! Aren't they cool?

  • Neil: Well, I haven't seen them.

  • Feifei: Haven't seen them? Well check out

  • my social media feeds.

  • Neil: Ermwell, I'll have to wait till I get

  • to my computer. I can't see anything on

  • this dumbphone.

  • Feifei: Dumbphone?!

  • Neil: Yeah, I was getting addicted to my

  • smartphone – I couldn't stop checking it

  • every five seconds - so I got rid of it and

  • now I have this dumbphone! It's brilliant

  • it does absolutely nothing apart from

  • phone and text!

  • Feifei: Oh I see. The opposite of 'smart' is

  • 'dumb', so the opposite of a smartphone

  • is a 'dumbphone'.

  • Neil: You've got it! It's very fashionable,

  • you know. Eddie Redmayne uses one!

  • Feifei: Hmm, not sure about thatBut

  • let's hear some examples.

  • Man 1: Argh my arm is killing me from

  • playing around with my phone so much.

  • Woman 1: Get yourself a dumbphone, like

  • me. There's nothing to check!

  • My sleep has improved so much since I

  • got rid of my smartphone. There's no

  • temptation to stare at this dumbphone in bed!

  • I'm sick of being bullied by my smartphone.

  • I'm going to join the dumbphone revolution!

  • Feifei: This is The English We Speak

  • from BBC Learning English.

  • We're learning the word 'dumbphone'.

  • A dumbphone is a simple, old-fashioned

  • style mobile phone

  • which can only make calls and send text

  • messages. 'Dumb' is the opposite

  • of 'smart'.

  • Some people are choosing to use

  • them because they think smartphones

  • distract them too much.

  • Neil: It's a word that's only appeared over

  • the last couple of years, so you probably

  • won't find it in a dictionarybut it's been

  • used a lot in the media. So Feifei, how am

  • I going to see these holiday snaps of yours?

  • Feifei: Neil, just get a new smartphone.

  • Neil: No way. The past is the future!

  • Feifei: What next? Are you going to start

  • coming to work on a horse?

  • Neil: Now that is a great idea! Maybe

  • I could swap my computer for a

  • typewriter. And who really needs

  • electricity when you can have a nice gas lamp

  • Feifei: Good bye!

  • Neil: Bye.

Feifei: Hello and welcome to The English

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Dumbphone: The English We Speak

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