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  • Hey guys, today I wanted to share about a free program for learning languages with music that I've been using for over a year.

  • And why I find it to be better than Duolingo or other programs that rely on translating sentences from your native language.

  • Lyrics Training is a website and a mobile app that tests you on the lyrics of your favorite songs in your target language.

  • If you've been following my channel for a while, you know that I post videos all the time about how important it is to listen to music in your target language.

  • And this program allows you to take advantage of that during your active study time rather than just passively listening throughout the day, which is also important.

  • I've said this in past videos, but every time you learn a new phrase in your target language, it's like adding another arrow to your quiver.

  • It's another phrase that you can fall back on and utilize the grammatical construction while you're in conversation.

  • In my opinion, memorizing song lyrics is the fastest and easiest way of storing mass amounts of sentences in your brain.

  • And Lyricstraining dot com is one of the best ways that I found of doing that.

  • So let's take a look at what it's actually like.

  • The app and the website both do basically the same thing, but the website has a few more functionalities, so I'm gonna show you guys how to use this on the website.

  • The first thing you're gonna do is go to the language that you're learning.

  • These are the languages that they offer right now.

  • There's a good number of them, and it will probably only become more as the website grows and as they become more popular.

  • We're gonna click on Spanish here just because Spanish is a language that I already know.

  • Next thing you're gonna notice is that there's actually a lot of genres here on this website, which is great because it means they have something for everybody no matter what language you're learning.

  • So one of the things that I like to do is learn languages with Disney movies because I already know them and they're familiar songs to me.

  • So we're gonna go to soundtracks, and you'll see here, they have "Coco."

  • They have "Pocahontas," "Lion King."

  • Here they have "Mulan."

  • We're gonna click on Colores En El Viento.

  • And you can see that I have already favorited this song because it's a song that I wanted to use to learn.

  • And I learned basically all the vocabulary with this song.

  • Now, they're gonna let you choose between beginner, intermediate, advanced, and expert.

  • Okay, this is a little bit misleading because this website is not honestly great for absolute beginners.

  • Even though it says beginner here, if you're a pretty new to your language, then you're just gonna want to stick with Duolingo or something a little bit more basic.

  • Also along those lines, the expert version is very difficult unless you're very advanced in your language.

  • So keep that in mind.

  • For the purpose of this video, we'll go to intermediate.

  • Now, up here we have the choice between the written mode and the multiple choice mode.

  • I'm gonna do multiple choice mode just because it's a little bit easier than written mode, and I wanted to show you guys how it works.

  • So we're gonna start here to start the song.

  • Now, they're gonna show you the words down here.

  • It's your job to choose which word you want to fill in the blank, pretty self-explanatory.

  • Once you find a song you like, keep listening to it until you know all the words and you can beat it on expert mode.

  • And then every time you do this, it's another arrow in your quiver.

  • Now, like I said,Lyrics Training is devoted totally to input immersion, and there's no translation involved.

  • So when you run into words that you don't understand, you're gonna need to look them up on other websites like wordreference dot com.

  • But it's not really a big deal.

  • Now, I should mention that if you're using the mobile app, you only get three free songs every 30 minutes.

  • But this is only for the app.

  • There's no limitations if you're using the website.

  • But this actually isn't that bad because three songs every half-hour is more than enough to help you improve your language.

  • And honestly, if you're gonna be using this app every day, these prices for the premium subscription are not expensive.

  • Especially in comparison to other comparable language learning apps.

  • If you make it a habit to study song lyrics for 10 minutes a day, I guarantee you'll start noticing a positive difference in your language learning.

  • If you want to see more videos like this, consider subscribing to my channel.

  • I post a video every Monday and Friday to help you learn how to make language learning fast, fun and easy.

  • So thanks for watching and we'll see you guys on Friday.

Hey guys, today I wanted to share about a free program for learning languages with music that I've been using for over a year.

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Best app for learning languages with MUSIC (Lyrics Training)

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