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  • Hi, I'm Phil from BBC Learning English.

  • Today I'm going to tell you how to use 'too'

  • and 'very'. They are both intensifiersbut

  • they don't mean the same thing.

  • We use 'very'

  • to make an adjective, or an adverb

  • stronger. So we can say, "The building is

  • very old." That

  • could be a good thing - it's beautiful. Or it

  • could be a bad thing - it's falling down.

  • Or it might not matter. If we use 'too'

  • (with two Os), then it means it's a

  • problem. Could say, "It's too easy." It

  • means 'it's a waste of time'.

  • It's a problem! It's not too difficult

  • in fact, it's very easy. Just remember

  • that if we use 'too', it's a problem.

Hi, I'm Phil from BBC Learning English.

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EIAM: Too and Very

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    Yukiko posted on 2018/10/22
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