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  • Eat Sleep Dreamers I'm a firm believer that you can learn English anytime anywhere. I

  • always tell my students keep your head up and your eyes open and you can find great

  • English everywhere you look. So today I thought I'd take you around London and we can find

  • examples of great English around the city. So if you are up for it, let's do it!

  • Alright Eat Sleep Dreamers we've found our first example. This is a hair product, there's

  • a couple of really nice phrases in here. The first one I want to look at is 'the big smoke'.

  • Now the big smoke is an informal phrase to mean a city. So we call London the big smoke,

  • you can call any city the big smoke to be honest. Another nice phrase we've got here

  • is 'ta-da'. So when you are revealing something to someone maybe in a dramatic way you'll

  • go 'ta-da'. So a magician might say it or let's say you've got a nice new dress and

  • you are wearing it and you show your partner you go ta-da then we'll use it. It's a nice

  • little expression. Alright so as you can see, a couple of really nice phrases just from

  • one advert. Amazing, alright let's go find another one.

  • Ok, I've just found another example. There's a film here called Downsizing. The verb to

  • downsize means to reduce in size. So often if someone lives in a big house and then they

  • want to move to a smaller house then they downsize. They get a smaller house. You could

  • also think about a company downsizing. So reducing the number of staff members. So yeah

  • it's quite a useful little verb. This of course is a noun, downsizing, the noun but yeah you've

  • got a film with great vocabulary.

  • So I'm walking along Carnaby street which is one of London's most famous shopping streets

  • and I'm just looking around to see if I can find any great vocabulary or useful phrases

  • like anywhere in the shops. Often the shop windows will have phrases on them or the shops

  • themselves have interesting names. So yeah just keeping an eye out.

  • So I've just seen this sign that says Birchbox pop-up. A pop-up is a shop that's very temporary.

  • So maybe a company will rent a space on a street for a couple of months and they'll

  • put the shop in there and it's only a temporary rent. It's there and then it's gone. So as

  • soon as it's there, it's there for a month or a couple of weeks and then it's gone. So

  • you have to be quick. So it's a pop-up. And this is, this is some kind of makeup pop-up

  • or something, I don't know. Anyway, a pop-up shop.

  • Alright so I'm standing outside a card shop and I've had a look at some of the cards.

  • And cards have amazing English on them. So the one I picked out there was troll. It's

  • a noun and it means someone on the internet who deliberately tries to annoy other people

  • to get them angry. To say mean things, stuff like that. So you'll see it in the YouTube

  • comments or something. People being mean, they are trolls. They are trying to get a

  • reaction out of other people. So even on cards you can get amazing English. Alright we'e

  • got a shop right here in Carnaby street. To skinny dip. Now skinny dip is a verb, it means

  • to go swimming without any clothes on. So it's a little cheeky shop name but I quite

  • like it. To skinny dip. So it's a verb to skinny dip. I think commonly you might use

  • it as a noun skinny dipping and then use the verb to go. So for example 'On the last night

  • of the holiday, we went skinny dipping.' It means we went swimming without our clothes

  • on. Alright!

  • Guys I've had to come and stand in the doorway of a shop because it's absolutely pouring

  • out there. A storm has suddenly come in. I was looking around for English and now I've

  • had to hide. But this is London right? You walk around London, you kind of expect the

  • weather to change. It's kind of crazy out there.

  • Alright Eat Sleep Dreamers, I'm braving the rain just for you so we can carry on finding

  • some more English. But only for you, ok? I wish I'd brought my umbrella. Always bring

  • your umbrella. Now I know that a lot of you are thinking well look Tom I don't live in

  • an English speaking place so there isn't English everywhere that I look and that's absolutely

  • right. I know that a lot of you do live in English speaking countries like in the UK

  • or in America or Canada or Australia. So yeah keep your eyes open. I know that in Hong Kong

  • when I lived there, there was loads of English everywhere that I looked. In Singapore the

  • same thing. What I think you guys can do that don't live in an English speaking country

  • is to do exactly what Korean Billy suggested in one of my videos. Start from where you

  • are. Right, so look around you. What can you see and what's that in English? So for example

  • I just walked past this. What's that in English? It's a puddle, ok a puddle. It's a noun, puddle.

  • Ok, so look around you, what can you see? What's it in English? How can you translate

  • it into English? So start from where you are, look around you and that's where you can begin.

  • Alright let's quickly dive into Pret A Manger, it's a place we can get food and let's just

  • see what interesting vocabulary we can find. Alright, so here I've found something called

  • an avo smoothie. Avo is short for avocado, so it's the shortened form and a smoothie

  • is a drink that kind of made up of fruits and juices and vegetables all sort of crushed

  • together with milk and blended together. Very healthy. Alright guys I hope you enjoyed that

  • little tour around London searching for great examples of English. I think we found some

  • pretty good ones. So what i want you guys to do is keep your heads up, keep your eyes

  • open and keep searching for great great English. So whether that's around your city or online,

  • doesn't matter just keep searching for great English. Alright guys, this is Tom, the Chief

  • Dreamer, saying goodbye.

Eat Sleep Dreamers I'm a firm believer that you can learn English anytime anywhere. I

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