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  • Hi everybody this is Misterduncan in England How are you today?

  • Are you okay, I hope so Are you happy?

  • I hope so. Well here I am in what will be my new studio.

  • Here in Much Wenlock. As you can see, I'm busy painting the walls

  • today. Incidentally, there is an expression in English,

  • to do with paint. Something that is boring or tedious to watch.

  • You can say - ''It's like watching paint dry.''

  • Because of course, paint takes a long time to dry

  • and it's very boring to watch. So, not only am I decorating today,

  • I'm also teaching you a little bit of English as well

  • I'm such a busy man. Anyway, I'd better get back to work, before

  • my paint starts to dry. that alright?

  • Thank you very much by the way, Thank you very much for your messages saying,

  • ''Misterduncan we've missed you.'' Well don't worry I'm still here.

  • Busy painting my walls, preparing my studio, In which I'm going to make lots of new English

  • lessons, just for you! So I look forward to doing that

  • And I look forward to seeing you all very soon.

  • This is Misterduncan, in his new studio, painting away, very busily, saying thank you

  • for dropping by. And of course...

  • Ta-ta for now.

  • You're still here! I have to carry on now, I'm ever so sorry!

  • See you later... Ta-ta for now!

Hi everybody this is Misterduncan in England How are you today?

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Misterduncan - ''Watching paint dry!''

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