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  • we're here where is everybody?

  • the next week i brought rich to mom's birthday dinner, sort of like a surprise present.

  • i figured she was going to have to accept rich, like it or not.

  • oh, rich, this is my father.

  • happy birthday mom. and ma, this is rich.

  • great to meet you. boy something smells wonderful

  • i guess we came to the right place, huh? here you are.

  • ya know, waverly's been telling me you are the best cook.

  • i think maybe we got her.

  • so many spots on his face.

  • of course, the night was still young.

  • thank god i already prepped him on the emily post of chinese manners.

  • (speaking chinese) actually, there are a few things i forgot to mention.

  • uh, let me make a toast.

  • he shouldn't have had that second glass, when everyone else had only half an inch just for taste

  • shrimp, my favorite.

  • he should have taken only a small spoonful of the best dish until everyone had had a helping

  • he has good appetite.

  • he shouldn't have bragged he was a fast learner.

  • but the worst was when rich criticized my mother's cooking and he didn't even know what

  • he had done.

  • as is, the chinese cook's custom my mother always insults her own cooking.

  • but only with the dishes she serves with special pride.

  • this dish not salty enough.

  • no flavor, it's too bad to eat, but, please.

  • that was our queue to eat some, and proclaim it the best she'd ever made.

  • you know linda, all this needs is a little soy sauce.

  • (gasps)

we're here where is everybody?

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