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  • I'm awake

  • I remember Him.

  • I gaze upon them before I part.

  • They lie in their bed, unaware of me watching.

  • I leave,

  • they sleep.

  • The small home I help provide is their world.

  • They play, they explore,

  • learning to move, to feel,

  • to see, to know,

  • not once thinking how it all came to be.

  • Crayons, toys, books; it's all for them.

  • The fridge opens, the pantry exposed,

  • they expect food to be there.

  • Not a thought, not a doubt,

  • just hunger.

  • Cereal, milk, yogurt, messy fingers, messy faces, all fed.

  • Tummies are full.

  • Now it's nap time.

  • My wife likes nap time.

  • Once again, they lay in the comfort we provide.

  • All while I work,

  • I'm far, but close;

  • always thinking of them.

  • My phone rings, I only hear breathing.

  • I smile; my wife's phone is now missing.

  • I do it all for them.

  • I work, that they may grow.

  • They trust so deeply;

  • how I yearn to do the same.

  • They see so little of how it all came to be,

  • never questioning,

  • only trusting.

  • I come home; two-second hugs.

  • Now I'm a horse.

  • We eat dinner, brush teeth.

  • Jammy time.

  • Finally, it's bed time.

  • Once again, they lay their heads on the pillows we provide.

  • I will be their protector. I will be their gentle friend.

  • I will be my wife's faithful husband.

  • I am a father,

  • I am also a son.

  • And while I may not understand all that He does for me,

  • I do know that all that I am, and all that I have is because He's a father to me.

  • I now stand, very aware,

  • of how it all came to be.

I'm awake

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Earthly Father, Heavenly Father

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