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  • Hi, this is Kee from BBC Learning English.

  • Today I'm going to tell you three different ways of using the phrasal verb 'pick up'.

  • First, we use 'pick up' to describe learning something.

  • So, for example, I can say:

  • Children pick up languages very quickly.

  • And so can you at BBC Learning English!

  • Second, we use 'pick up' informally to describe buying something.

  • For example:

  • I often pick up some milk on my way home.

  • Third, we use 'pick up' to describe getting an illness.

  • I think I picked up a cold.

  • So, we can pick up languages, pick up some milk and pick up a cold.

Hi, this is Kee from BBC Learning English.

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Watch and learn 3 ways to use 'pick up'

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    Evangeline posted on 2021/04/23
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