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  • That is quite literally no such thing as a day off when you have lots of animals that you have to look after

  • oh this is such a mess

  • You didn't even try you didn't even try Meep. Oh

  • You're so rubbish

  • You didn't even try!

  • Okay, I'm gonna go and run a bath for him because I need to get this shed off. He's so rubbish

  • This is my animal towel

  • also I do not recommend sharing human towels with animal towels this is my designated animal towel to dry Meepy when he comes out because

  • He is a really really heavy bodied snake and I really don't want him to get a cold after.

  • You ready Meepy? Should we go and take you to your bath? Augh

  • So heavy!

  • Who needs dumbbells when you have-

  • Look at this Meepy this is fun!

  • Cause it has to be done, it does, it has to be done. ♪

  • Cause you are rubbish and you don't do it yourself. ♪

  • oh

  • Now this is interesting. Meepy I need your head. Now you can see around his its all cloudy that's because he's got a scale court.

  • He hasn't remoted eye cap and if you let that happen over and over again

  • You can actually jeopardize the integrity of the eye. And Meepy! I need you buddy

  • I need you. Look give me give me a moment. I'll try to do this. Give me a break. Give me a break

  • Hello darkness my old friend... ♪

  • ohhh

  • Yes, yes, yes, it's nearly off, very gently.

  • gently Gently slowly slowly,

  • ohh lovely yes yes yes yes yes

  • And there we have it. That is oh

  • let me see if my camera will focus my cameras playing all sorts of tricks today-there we go.

  • That's his eye cap that covers his eyeball. (When he sheds)

  • See that scale? It's actually called the Brill. The brilliant Brill.

  • Look, what you did

  • Was that you?

  • Meepy's looking really good. We've got all of his stuck shed off.

  • Um he looks a bit crusty on top of his head. That's just um the water drying funny. He doesn't have any stuck scales there don't worry.

  • He had a really cool big

  • Shed piece of scales so I decided...

  • Randomly to commandeer them and lay them up my arm. These are his belly scales. Oh, yes, oh

  • you look so much nicer!

  • Okay

  • You'll notice as well pythons at least some of the pythons

  • It'll have these vestigial legs, and they can be more prominent in other species

  • Or with age just make sure that you do remove all of the dry skin around that as well. or the scum

  • sorry, not dry skin. all suck shed as well

  • Just because around the vent it can cause some infection if you leave it, but he's all good

  • Oh Meepy is not happy with me. Meepy is all nice and dry now. Look how much prettier

  • he looks this is where they are called blood pythons because they go to sort of

  • blood-Red kind of Murky Brown color

  • So yeah, you can actually see his colors now. 10 years ago. I brought this going home, and he was like 4 inches long

  • He's a bit bigger now

  • quite a bit bigger

  • Well, that's it

  • I'm going to now deal with

  • getting rid of all those stuck shed in my

  • Bathtub but you don't really need to see all that. Don't forget to subscribe if you haven't already because I do lots of fun,

  • Animal stuff all the time and-oh, you don't need to see the kitchen. oh, that's bad

  • Alright, I'm going to go and Sort my life out. Bye!

  • *creepy whisper* hey, don't forget to subscribe

That is quite literally no such thing as a day off when you have lots of animals that you have to look after

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NOT AGAIN! Blood Python Stuck Shed | Removing Snake Eye Cap

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    Boyeee posted on 2018/09/13
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