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  • Hello, my name's Sarah.

  • Today I'm going to be teaching you

  • my top five favorite British slang words and phrases.

  • They're really common. Everyone uses them.

  • I use them all the time and I really do hope you'll find good use for them.

  • So the first word we're going to learn is bugger.

  • It's a very popular word.

  • I'm sure you've heard it before.

  • If not, go to England and I'm sure you're hear it.

  • You'll hear it everywhere.

  • So this word has many meanings.

  • I'd advise you - be careful when you use it and to whom.

  • Maybe around friends is the best idea.

  • I use it as an exclamation.

  • If I've dropped something, I missed the train...

  • Maybe, I forgot my phone at home.

  • I'll say, "bugger!"

  • It sounds really good.

  • It's really useful and I do hope you'll find a good use for it.

  • The next word is Cheers.

  • This means "Thank you."

  • If I'm talking to a friend it's quite informal. I might say "cheers mate."

  • And 'mate' of course means friend.

  • So when you use this, you can use it

  • in informal situations and you can also use it to finish off an email.

  • For example, I will say" Cheers, Sarah" at the end of emails.

  • I hope you'll find good use for this word. It's really British.

  • The third word is brilliant.

  • You might hear this a lot.

  • It's used for everything, so the meaning itself means when something is really really nice.

  • It might even be fantastic.

  • So I might say, "Oh your outfit is brilliant, mate."

  • Or I might say, "That skirts really brilliant."

  • "I had a brilliant day at work today."

  • When something's really nice, make sure you use this word.

  • The fourth word is well.

  • Now this is a little bit more unusual,

  • but I actually use this every day.

  • So we use this instead of 'very'.

  • You might hear someone say, "He's very tall."

  • Well I would rather say, "He's well tall."

  • Or someone might ask me, "How are you?"

  • And I might say, "I'm well good."

  • So it's a really useful word.

  • People might not know what you mean,

  • but you will sound very British if you use this.

  • Now we've come to the final word which is bloody.

  • This has many different usages,

  • but the way that I use it is more for emphasis for certain words.

  • So for example I might say, "Oh, that's bloody brilliant."

  • Or I might say, "I had a bloody hard day today at work."

  • But it's also quite common to hear it as "bloody heck."

  • Something that I like to use very often.

  • And you might even have heard this used in Harry Potter

  • because it's one of Ron Weasley's favorite words to use.

  • So I hope you'll find a really good use for this one.

  • Even if it's a bit strong, you'll hear it a lot.

  • So those were my top 5 favorite British slang words to use

  • I hope you enjoyed it and I hope

  • you'll make really good use of them.

  • Thanks so much for today and see you next time.

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  • Thank you.

Hello, my name's Sarah.

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