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  • Japan is being battered by the most powerful typhoon to hit the country

  • in a quarter of the century.

  • Winds of over hundred miles an hour have prompted evacuation orders

  • for thousands of people, hundreds of flights have been canceled

  • after a ship smashed into the causeway linking Kansai airport with the mainland.

  • Jenny Kumar has the latest.

  • This extraordinary weather is causing some extraordinary sights.

  • This lorry and car now avoiding being blown into the sea.

  • Typhoon Jebi, one of the most powerful in 25 years is causing widespread disruption.

  • Winds have reached up to a hundred and seven miles per hour.

  • Transport is badly hit. This is the runway at Kansai international airport.

  • It's built on the man-made island about 3 miles off the coast of Osaka in western Japan.

  • Hundreds of flights have been canceled.

  • This causeway leading to the airport is also closed,

  • the wind smashing a tanker into its side.

  • The storm have led to the power cuts with 3 hundreds and 50 thousands buildings

  • reported to be without electricity.

  • Debris from buildings and trees made it dangerous out in the streets.

  • Japan has suffered a summer of weather phenomena,

  • a record breaking heat wave, landslides, and floods killing hundreds of people.

  • But so far typhoon Jebi, which means swallow in Korean,

  • doesn't seem as deadly.

  • Many have stayed put and braved it out but around a million people

  • had been advised to evacuate.

  • Some have opted for the calm of the shelter

  • keeping safe from the ferocious storm.

Japan is being battered by the most powerful typhoon to hit the country

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Extreme weather 2018 - Typhoon Jebi hits (Japan) - BBC Breakfast News - 4th September 2018

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