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  • Hi, I'm Sian from BBC Learning English.

  • Today, I'm gonna give you five uses of the verb 'get'.

  • So you get five lessons for the price of one!

  • Number oneget can mean buy or obtain.

  • I got myself a new phone last weekend.

  • Number twoget can mean receive.

  • I just got a message.

  • Number threeget with an adjective can mean become.

  • Ugh! So many messages! I'm getting really annoyed!

  • Number fourget can also mean understand.

  • Hang on, someone's just sent me a joke

  • I don't get it!

  • 'In tents!'

  • I get it!

  • Number five - get can also mean arrive.

  • I need to get home early so I'm off!

Hi, I'm Sian from BBC Learning English.

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Five ways to use 'get': Learn English in a minute!

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    Evangeline posted on 2021/04/14
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