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  • We have a little game called Do You Speak Singlish?

  • Not well.

  • So, we're just gonna have you draw a couple of these,

  • and tell us what it means, or guess.

  • Lah.

  • We actually squabbled about this, whether this was in the dictionary.

  • It's like (speaking foreign language),

  • don't be like that, lah.

  • It's a way of speaking, lah.

  • You can use it for pretty much anything.

  • I can be like, okay, lah.

  • It's more than a word.

  • It's the texture of Singapore.

  • It's a term of endearment.

  • It's like, affectionate.

  • When you normally say, how are you,

  • you'd be like, how are you, lah?

  • Have you seen the movie La La Land, lah?

  • Lah, lah, lah, lah, lah. - Get another one!

  • Ah ha, shiok.

  • Is that like, you know, when people say like, I'm shook?

  • But it's like a, one above?

  • I'm not just shook, I'm shiok.

  • Shiok? Oh, so can we edit this part, too?

  • I know it, and what is it again?

  • It's delightful.

  • Shiok means wow, feel good.

  • And action, okay, I'll take one, I'll take one.

  • - Oh, how 'bout this one? - Oh, how 'bout this one.

  • Okay.

  • Oh, shiok means delightful.

  • 'Cause you're shiok it's so delightful.

  • Delightful in my apparent knowledge of Singaporean culture.

  • I think I shiocked the world with my mind grapes.

  • Dig it.

  • This is what I love, makan.

  • Oh God, doth I be too cocky...

  • I don't know what this is.

  • Makan means eat.

  • You can ever say (speaking foreign language)

  • and have a makan, so you (speaking foreign language),

  • you chill with your friends, and you usually makan.

  • That's very important for us Asians, food.

  • Let's cut this so I win, it's to eat.

  • And we all knew that,

  • and I knew that from the beginning... Henry.

  • - Chili crab! Awesome!

  • - Well, I'm gonna guess that's a crab with chili.

  • It's delicious!

  • Chili crabs, I like it, I dig it.

  • Or a crab that's really cold!

  • That's a stupid joke, forget I said that this time.

  • In Singapore they do serve some of the best Chili Crab.

  • And you have to eat it with bread.

  • And dig into the sauce, and it drips all over the place.

  • It's very good, I mean, Henry probably ate more of it.

  • It's all about Henry, all about Henry and his abs.

  • Hey, if I had a sit up coach, I would look exactly

  • like Henry Golding, that is what my team has told me.

  • My manager has told me that, who is also my mom.

  • Anyway, um... (laughing)

We have a little game called Do You Speak Singlish?

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Crazy Rich Asians - Do You Speak Singlish?

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    Evangeline   posted on 2018/09/07
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