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  • In 2006, Every single person in one of the poorest countries in the world became a billionaire!

  • People in Zimbabwe had so much cash that they started using it to light a fire, create wall

  • papers and gave their children millions of dollars just to play around.

  • And that happened because the government started printing money at significantly fast speed.

  • Prices started growing so dramatically that the price of the bread use to increase by

  • billions of dollars within hours!

  • They even printed a trillion dollar note which turned every other person into a Trillionaire.

  • Or to be more precise a worthless Trillionaire! and now lets talk a look at how you can become

  • a multi-millionaire ,who can give to his kids couple of millions of dollars just to build

  • a paper house out of hundred dollar bills.

  • In the past, before the invention of money, people use to barter.

  • Directly exchanging goods for goods.

  • I have milk and you have a pair of shoes, and I need a pair of shoes and you need milk,

  • a successful transaction is possible.

  • But what if you are not in need of my milk but I still want your pair of shoes!

  • A transaction cannot be completed, unless I beat you up and take them by force.

  • And thats why as we progressed, we came up with something that everyone wants and named

  • it - Money.

  • And now i can turn my goods and services into money and exchange them with whatever I want.

  • But today in the 21st century, we turn our time into money, So Each and every single

  • dollar that is in your wallet represents a certain amount of your time.

  • In other words, whenever you are buying something, you are literally giving away part of your

  • life, because at the end of the day, your life is all about limited number of hours.

  • Before you buy that shirt fort 60 bucks, assuming you make 20 dollars per hour, ask yourself

  • if you are ready to work for 3 hours just to have that shirt on you!

  • or for 50 hours just to have the latest iphone!

  • With that question in your mind, you will start saving a ton of money which you can

  • use to start investing, but we will talk about that in another video!

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  • Thanks for watching and I will see in the next one.

In 2006, Every single person in one of the poorest countries in the world became a billionaire!

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