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  • I'm Opal, joined by TJ.

  • TJ, you're wearing black today.

  • Are you going to a funeral?

  • Only the funeral of Korean e-sports.

  • North America! Is..

  • I've spilled my notes.

  • The bald eagle doesn't like people who have the ability to put it in a cage.

  • Literally, also tigers.

  • And lions.

  • And beasts.

  • You know what..

  • I don't think the eagle wants to mess with a kitty cat.

  • The analogy extends.

  • Chaser just knocks that one apart….

  • JJak, you can't do that on Twitch,

  • that's just not safe for work at this point.

  • Ha ha, Sleepy too!

  • What is going on, North America?

  • Beautiful.

  • That was disgusting.

  • Beautiful!

  • You can see Korea's side lit up like a Christmas tree and that game time!

  • Your Christmas trees, I take it,

  • are normally drenched in blood,

  • mounted with the stuffed heads of dead eagles.

  • Oh my goodness!

  • Because... - Ok, ok, TJ!

  • That's a little graphic!

  • I mean, you just practiced getting dumpstered on by a Mage.

  • I'm sure they're ready to go.

  • There's a bald eagle, he's wearing an America hat.

  • He's still got that fan.

  • Hey, he needs to cool down after all those hot plays.

  • That's a bad omen to see, TJ.

  • TJ. Did you workshop that?

  • Literally, in my head right now.

  • You know how you can tell Korea are having fun?

  • Every single pick is hovered over by something ridiculous.

  • A thousand gold lead after just a minute and a half lead, TJ.

  • Gross!

  • Gross, that's all you got?

  • Make it two KO, he's just doubled the kill count of North America!

  • Literally 200% better than last game.

  • He's actually looking for the engage. His Spidey-sense is tingling.

  • Are thinking, I feel like there might be a giant elephant in this bush.

  • The elephant in the room, as it were.

  • That's actually entertaining sometimes.

  • Oops, no, there goes my popcorn.

  • You are the worst popcorn eater ever.

I'm Opal, joined by TJ.

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B1 INT US eagle north america america bald popcorn north

AWC Korea VS North American Essence

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