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  • The Innkeeper: "Woaaaah!

  • Thrall

  • Thrall vs.

  • Thrall vs. Rexxar


  • Rexxar: "Let the hunt Begin!"

  • Thrall: "For Doomhammer!"

  • Leper Gnome:"I feel icky!"

  • Leper Gnome:"I feel ick........"

  • Leper Gnome:"I feel....."

  • Abusive Sergeant:"Get in there and fight, maggot!"

  • Thrall: "Attack now!"

  • Leper Gnome:"GIMME A BIG HUG!"

  • Rexxar: "I will hunt you down!!"

  • Leper Gnomes:"GIMME A BIG HUG!"

  • Abusive Sergeant:"Suffer my !"

  • Leper Gnome:"HUG!"

  • Sir Finley Mrrgglton"Who's up for an adventure?"

  • Sir Finley Mrrgglton: Mrglglglgl!

  • Sir Finley Mrrgglotn: ...glgl!

  • Rexxar:"I hunt alone."

  • Thrall:"Doomhammer!"

  • Thrall:"Doomhammer!"

  • The Innkeeper: "Again!"

  • Brian: "It's sure been an intense duel between...

  • ... Thrall and Rexxar.

  • Here at the caster's desk is my co-caster and analyst:

  • Jaraxxus

  • What is your analysis of the match thus far Jaraxx?"

  • Jaraxxus: "FACE!"

  • Rexxar:"Well played."

  • Thrall:"You win this one, friend."

  • Rexxar:"My apologies."

  • Rexxar:" Astounding!"

The Innkeeper: "Woaaaah!

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Thrall v Rexxar: A Hearthstone Cartoon

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    張哲綱 posted on 2018/08/28
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