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  • Rach, we've been dating for over a year now.

  • And I think it's about time people met

  • my beautiful girlfriend.

  • What about us taking an adventurous east?

  • Like Queens?

  • Singapore-- Collin's wedding.

  • Don't you want to meet my family?

  • I hardly know anything about them.

  • Every time I bring them up, Nick changes the subject.

  • Maybe his parents are poor and he has to send them money.

  • I'll take your bags and get you checked into first class.

  • Nick, we can't afford this.

  • So your family is rich?

  • We're comfortable.

  • That is exactly what a super, rich person would say.


  • (SINGING) I want my money.

  • 1.2 million--

  • (SINGING) That's what I want.

  • The Nick you're dating is Nick Young?

  • Yeah, you guys know them or something?

  • Hells yeah.

  • They're just the biggest developers in all of Singapore.

  • Damn Rachel, it's like the Asian Bachelor.


  • These people aren't just rich--

  • they're crazy rich.

  • You know you really should've told me

  • that you're like the Prince William of Asia.

  • That's ridiculous.

  • I'm much more of a Harry.

  • Mom, this is Rachel Chu.

  • She just thinks you're some unrefined banana--

  • No, no, no-- that--

  • those are for your fingers.

  • --yellow on the outside and white on the inside.

  • (SINGING) Do something crazy.

  • I chose to raise a family.

  • For me, it was a privilege.

  • But for you, you may think it's old fashioned.

  • Don't you want Nick to be happy?

  • I know you're not what Nick needs.

  • She's like trying to play a game of chicken

  • with me, thinking I'm going to swerve like a chicken.

  • But you can't swerve.

  • You gonna roll up and be like--

  • Bawk, bawk bitch.

  • OK, maybe not as aggressive.


  • I met a girl.

  • I fell in love.

  • And I want to marry her.

  • You're Nicholas Young.

  • You're untouchable.

  • But Rachel's not.

  • Have you prepped Rachel to face the wolves?

  • (SINGING) You know I'm back.

  • Like I never left.

  • I really admire you.

  • It takes guts coming all the way over here

  • and facing Nick's family.

  • (SINGING) Another day, another breath.

  • I know this much--

  • you will never be enough.

  • You know, it's about time someone stood up

  • to Aunt Eleanor.

  • Well you, not me-- oh god.

  • She can't know I was ever here.

  • (SINGING) I feel glorious, glorious.

  • Got a chance to start again.

  • I was born for this, born for this--

  • Ever since I can remember, my family has been my whole life.

  • Rachel-- Rachel.

  • If Nick chose me, he would lose his family.

  • And if he chose his family--

  • he might spend the rest of his life resenting you.

  • You nasty-- you kind of nasty--

  • you got nastier.

  • (SINGING) Glorious, glorious.

  • Got a chance to start again.

Rach, we've been dating for over a year now.

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