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  • Hot towels, properly plated meals and champagne.

  • But my favorite perk here is definitely this flat bed.

  • These fancy perks are some of the reasons why more than 20 million passengers voted Singapore Airlines as the top airline this year.

  • The airline won the coveted award after nine years of losing out to rivals like last year's winner Qatar Airways, and top competitors like ANA and Emirates.

  • And what does it take to become the world's best airline?

  • I'm here at Singapore Airlines' training center to find out.

  • Let's go!

  • Ask the company and its fans what sets it apart, and you're going to be hearing the word 'service' a lot.

  • And the face of that service is the Singapore Girl.

  • The airline's flight attendants are known colloquially as Singapore Girls.

  • Since the 1970s, the airline has featured them prominently in its marketing campaigns, promoting the brand's focus on hospitality.

  • She's so iconic she even has her own wax figure in the Madame Tussauds museum.

  • Some people may think a flight attendant is just a waitress, but the acceptance rate of becoming a Singapore Girl is as low as top universities like Harvard and MIT.

  • We're looking at about 1,200 people on the average, a year.

  • And training would be 14 weeks of bringing someone new to the industry and transforming them into the Singapore Girl.

  • But this uniform is not an easy one to earn.

  • Called a sarong kebaya, the Singapore Girl's uniform is originally a traditional outfit worn in Southeast Asia.

  • But Singapore Airlines can boast that its version is haute couture.

  • It was designed by French designer Pierre Balmain in 1968.

  • I felt really proud and happy to be able to don the kebaya. Such a pleasure to have this on.

  • For all the stewardesses, we have different sets of uniforms each year, tailor-made to our body shape.

  • But it's not just about looking pretty.

  • There are strict guidelines to follow to achieve the desired professional appearance.

  • So what I have on with me right now is the French twist, which is one of our signature hairstyles.

  • So there are some girls who end up having to cut their hair and so on?

  • Yes, that's right.

  • Ooh, interesting.

  • No crazy nail colors then?

  • No, not a lot.

  • So you may think that being a Singapore Girl is just about being pretty.

  • But we're just getting started.

  • Elizabeth is going to teach me the basics of serving.

  • Let me introduce your baby for today.

  • There're a few rules that you need to take note when holding the tray.

  • First of all, do not touch the tray to your body, and make sure that it's at your waist level.

  • And then, you have to hold it parallel to the aisle so we do not hit the passengers.

  • And most important, you must have a strong grip of the tray.

  • And there's the pouring of the champagne, which is a lot harder than it looks.

  • Okay, don't touch the rim.

  • Ah, I already touched the rim!

  • But before customers even board their flight, there's the lounge.

  • You know you've made it, when you get to the private room.

  • It's the most exclusive part of the SilverKris lounge and it's only open to first class and suites passengers.

  • The best part? You get to enjoy yourself with a view of the plane you're about to board.

  • And if you don't enjoy that, you could just get table service.

  • And if all else fails, you can always get a drink at the bar.

  • But does being the world's best airline always mean good business?

  • In the challenging airline industry the answer is not always clear cut.

  • Nitin Pangarkar has been studying the airline for decades.

  • He says that it's still perceived as the gold standard in service.

  • They smile at you, some people say it's fairly robotic.

  • Whether it's robotic or not, I would like somebody to smile at me.

  • But its profitability came into public focus when it posted its first quarterly loss in five years in 2017.

  • They provide good service. There's no doubt about that.

  • That's one index of performance. But the other index of performance is the profitability, right?

  • The profitability will allow you to keep providing excellent service.

  • If you don't have profitability you can provide excellent service today but you may not be able to continue to do so.

  • The company should be on track to better earnings.

  • Last year it launched a transformation program which helped it this year to record its best full-year profit in seven years.

  • Yet that transformation stirred debate after the airline put in new pricing policies like charging some passengers for seat selection.

  • Some say that has diluted its 'X' factor in service, but Pangarkar warns that service is not king in the airline business.

  • Good service and profitability definitely do not have a correlation of 1.0.

  • In an industry where innovation is quickly copied, Singapore Airlines is still trying to be a first mover.

  • This month, it became the first airline to launch a digital wallet powered by blockchain technology, allowing its members to use frequent flyer miles to pay for facials, sandwiches and even gas.

  • For now, passengers are saying that the airline is the best way to fly.

  • But in a competitive airline industry, there's no guarantee that there will be blue skies ahead.

  • Hi high flyers. It's Xin En. Thanks for watching.

  • If you want to check out more of our videos, we've got one on India and another about the World Cup.

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Hot towels, properly plated meals and champagne.

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