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  • In February we went on our first family holiday in 9 years

  • travelling to Germany and Austria. We spent 2 days in Munich,

  • 2 days in Salzburg

  • and 2 days in Vienna.

  • and this is our travel journey.

  • In Munich we went on a day trip to see the Neuschwanstein Castle.

  • We're going to Neuschwanstein Castle

  • It was also my birthday butmy parents forgot.

  • It wasn't until my brother asked my dad what day it wasthat he finally realised...

  • The trip to the castle was a long journey

  • involving a 2 hour train

  • a 10 minute bus ride

  • And upon arrival, you still needed to travel a little bit further to reach the castle

  • Hello! We have arrived at- well, we're on the way to Neuschwanstein Castle

  • I still feel like I'm pronouncing this word wrong

  • There are 3 ways to get to that castle:

  • This is quite a steep hill... but we can do it

  • This castle was the inspiration for Walt Disney's Sleeping Beauty.

  • BOOM! Construction work!

  • Ruining the view

  • So annoying

  • We didn't buy tickets to go inside the castle either because...

  • *whispers* WE ARE VERY STINGY

  • Aw, that's cute

  • Guys, I've never seen my dad take a picture on his phone!

  • It's so weird lol

  • What is he doing? lol

  • I don't know...

  • Whatever he's doing ... he's doing it very safely...

  • I don't think it was worth it...


  • Hello, it's quite late now

  • We came back, and we went to check up on our salmon, ham and cheese

  • which we left outside our balcony as a mini fridge

  • we came back... to find the ham and cheese had disappeared!

  • But the fish was still there and we were so confused

  • But we noticed that on the floor

  • there are several bird markings...

  • bird print markings

  • like this and this

  • and the decision we've come to make is:

  • We've been robbed by birds!

  • They took the ham and cheese but they didn't take the salmon?!

  • They tried digging into the salmon

  • But they decided they didn't want it! lol

  • We've been robbed by birds! I can't get over this!

  • We've been robbed by birds...

  • Now we're going to go out and have a proper German dinner

  • A Bavarian/German meal

  • half a knuckle

  • oh la la la

  • cheers!

  • i don't drink lol


  • Is this an interview?

  • Yeah why not?

  • How do you like Munich?

  • It's alright...

  • Or how do you say it?

  • mu-neck (Munich)

  • You say it how I say it LOL

  • Munique Munique

  • That's what you say!


  • Munich

  • How do you like Munique?!

  • Erm, it's Munich.

  • Say it properly!

  • I'm ready for my next destination now: Salzburg, Austria!

In February we went on our first family holiday in 9 years

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travel diary ep. 1/3 | 48 Hours in Munich

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    Amy.Lin posted on 2018/08/10
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