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  • Good morning!

  • Today is Day 4...and guess who's driving today?

  • I have never driven a car this big, on the other side of the road,

  • and in ice.

  • So please wish me luck

  • And that we both don't die today.

  • Because I don't really like driving so...

  • I don't really like driving but if I have to, I can drive

  • And Susu is just way too sick to drive so I'm going to do it today

  • Ugh! She's throwing up!

  • We're alive =D

  • I said we'd be fine!

  • You know I don't like driving!

  • That don't mean you can't drive!

  • UGH....I don't like driving

  • That don't mean we'll die

  • Oh maybe. It was so windy I was like:

  • She's doing this because I have no energy to fight back

  • We were just saying that if you don't have a car or a tour guide bus

  • There is no way you're going to get around

  • There are no trains in Iceland!

  • And there are some buses but no buses to come here

  • Okay, get ready to wrap up warm!

  • We drove 2 hours for this!?

  • Next stop: Vik

  • Church...

  • Let's go

  • It's so windy

  • oh my god

  • The weather is terrible

  • I got blown away

  • You're like "Nah"

  • She's like, "Nah"

  • She's going to go off to be sick

  • Yeah, and you said it's not windy!

  • Look at you!

  • You said it's not windy, look at you now!

  • The weather is horrible!

  • This driving is making me so miserable

  • It looks so haunted

  • This whole village...

  • We survived!

  • Thank God

  • She's throwing up again...

  • Bye

  • We'll call it a day here

  • Goodbye

  • I think we've had enough today

  • Too much stress in one day

  • too much

  • bye

Good morning!

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Travel Vlog - Winter in Iceland (ep.4/6)

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    Amy.Lin   posted on 2018/08/10
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