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  • Welcome to E-com Love Idioms and Expressions 31.

  • In these videos, we'll teach you phrases often heard in romantic comedies

  • and phrases you can use in your own love lives.

  • We'll give you some examples and tell you the correct situations in which you can use these phrases.

  • So, listen carefully, have fun and let's get started!

  • Today's love idiom is:

  • I have no idea how this idiom came to be, but basically it means to get married.

  • So, maybe we can imagine if you have two pieces of string or rope, one is the woman and one is the man,

  • and then when you get married, you join together,

  • so you're going to tie the knot and make a strong relationship, bond together.

  • Okay, so tie the knot means to get married.

  • Let's listen to some examples.

  • Things seem to be going well between you and Madeline.

  • Yeah, things couldn't be better!

  • So, when are you two love birds going to tie the knot?

  • We've talked about it a few times, and we're just not quite ready for that kind of commitment yet.

  • All right, so in this case, they're not ready to tie the knot, not yet.

  • All right, let's listen to the second example.

  • Sue, is that you? I haven't seen you in ages! How are you?

  • Angie, long time no see! I'm great, thank you.

  • Are you still with Derrick?

  • Yes, actually we tied the knot last year and we're expecting a baby in the spring.

  • All right, so in this case, she talks about the past tense.

  • She tied the knot. She got married last year.

  • All right, tie the knot is a very, very common phrase to speak very casually about getting married.

  • Maybe you have a formal wedding, but you can still talk about tying the knot.

  • It's kind of a fun way.

  • And, in fact, the most popular wedding site for planning your wedding in America is:,

  • because this is such a popular phrase, tie the knot, so they made it a website and very popular.

  • All right, so maybe you can check out when you're planning to tie the knot.

  • We'll see you next time.

Welcome to E-com Love Idioms and Expressions 31.

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