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  • Hello and welcome to The English We Speak,

  • I'm Feifei

  • and hello, I'm Rob. Now Feifei, I've got

  • a confession to make.

  • OK, so what is this confession?

  • Well, I haven't chosen a piece of authentic

  • real English to explain today.

  • OK. Do you have any choices?

  • Right, well here is the list of phrases

  • have a look, what do you think?

  • Hmmm, let me see. Shall we take 'pot luck'?

  • 'Pot luck' - you mean pick one at random and

  • see what happens?

  • No, I mean let's pick 'pot luck' as a phrase.

  • Look, it's there on your list.

  • Feifei you are a genius. You have just explained

  • an authentic English phrase - job done.

  • Don't sound so surprised!

  • Well our phrase is pot luck which describes

  • a situation in which one must take a chance

  • that whatever is available will prove

  • to be good or acceptable.

  • Yes, pot luck describes a situation that isn't

  • planned or prepared, you just take a chance

  • and hope that the result will be good or acceptable.

  • Let's take pot luck Rob and hope these examples

  • will show this phrase in action.

  • We didn't know which restaurant to eat at,

  • so took pot luck and chose the one recommended

  • in the guide book.

  • If you can't decide which book to pick,

  • take pot luck,

  • I'm sure they'll all be good to read,

  • I'm going to take pot luck, and I'm sure the

  • course I choose will be the right one for me

  • So if you take pot luck at something, you

  • take a chance that whatever is available will

  • prove to be good or acceptable.

  • It's a bit like presenting this programme with you Rob!

  • Not exactly Feifei. I am the only presenter

  • available so you don't get any choice about

  • who you present with - there is no luck involved.

  • True, that's not pot luck, that's bad luck.

  • Is that on your list of phrases?

  • Let me look. No, but next time let's choose

  • our English phrase before we come to the studio

  • so we won't be taking pot luck anymore.

  • Yes let's. See ya.

  • Bye.

Hello and welcome to The English We Speak,

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