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  • Neil: Hello and welcome to

  • The English We Speak. I'm Neil and

  • Feifei: Hi everyone. I'm Feifei

  • and I've justerrwell

  • Neil: Feifei is here with me

  • Feifei, what's going on?

  • Feifei: Yes, and today we are here, with you,

  • dear learners of the wonderful English language

  • Neil: What are you looking for?

  • Feifei: The script, Neil. I misplaced it somewhere

  • Neil: Just wing it!

  • Feifei: Wing it? Wing, like a bird?

  • Yes, the air is fresh and I flap my wings

  • Neil: What are you doing? What are you doing?

  • Feifei: You told me to pretend I was a bird.

  • Or to tell the story of a bird or… I know

  • lots of bird jokes.

  • Neil: No, that's not it.

  • In English 'to wing' something means to improvise.

  • This informal expression is thought to come from the

  • theatre and it refers to performances

  • given by actors who had to learn their lines quickly

  • while waiting in the wings.

  • Feifei: Ah! The wings are the space on each side of the stage,

  • where actors wait before coming onto the stage.

  • Sometimes someone gives

  • them their lines from there as support.

  • Neil: That's right. Let's hear how this expression is used:

  • Examples: Mary spent all weekend partying

  • instead of studying.

  • When I asked her why she wasn't

  • concerned about the exam,

  • she told me she'd just wing it.

  • The minister is a great orator.

  • He's never had a speech ready,

  • he just wings it and people love it.

  • Neil: So a theatrical expression for you.

  • Now Feifei, do you know lots of jokes about birds?

  • Tell me one.

  • Feifei: Why did the little bird

  • get in trouble at school?

  • Neil: Mmmmno idea

  • Feifei: Because he was caught tweeting

  • during the test.

  • Neil: Yes, very funny

  • Both: Bye.

Neil: Hello and welcome to

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Wing it - The English We Speak

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