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  • Off my watch, today I am doing a once per year inspection of all the fire extinguishers

  • on our ship.

  • So let me just get changed, and get started..

  • It's probably going to take me the whole day because including the spare ones, we have

  • about 100 extinguishers on our ship and we'll have to check each and single one of them

  • Let's get started First thing first

  • We go around the whole ship collect all the extinguishers into

  • a workstation

  • There are 3 type of extinguisher on our ship It's what you'll find in most ships these

  • days We have

  • Dry powder Foam

  • and CO2

  • Dry powder is for all purposes fire except oil fire

  • They work by smoldering the air around a fire to extinguish it

  • Foam for oil fires Generally in the galley and engine room

  • They sit on top of liquid, separating oxygen so that the fire will die out

  • Co2 is only for electrical fire Electrical equipment on a ship can be very

  • expensive so with CO2 there's a chance to salvage whatever is

  • left You can image what kind of mess

  • foam or dry powder would do to a computer

  • Today the cadet is giving me a hand We first note if the tag is still on

  • The tag that's strap to the safety pin tells us if it has been used or not

  • If the tag is gone then automatically we will either have to

  • refill it or replace it with a new one

  • First up we started with the CO2 extinguishers they are pressurized so we cannot just open

  • up to check inside All we do is put on the scale and make sure

  • its full

  • Next up are the Foam extinguishers A special tool to open it up

  • checking the rubber O ring and the weight The Foam is checked to make sure it is at

  • the right level and no weird coloring or smell

  • Then comes the biggest bunch Dry powder

  • One thing to note is that the ship is always vibrating from the big engines

  • and that makes the powder settle

  • sometimes even forming chunks of rocks becoming solid inside the suction tube

  • Just like the other ones we take out the cap tapping it lightly so that the powder

  • will drop down

  • This is perhaps one of the key thing to check you might be wondering whtats the big deal?

  • Well lets imagine when a fire happens and someone go and grab an extinguisher

  • only to find nothings come out because the tube is blocked

  • What could be a small fire can go out of control because of the time wasted

  • We give it a shake and flip it upside down for a bit so that the powder becomes more

  • fluffy and prevents any build up.

  • Once finished we return all extinguishers back to its location

  • It takes a while and its quite heavy

  • Fire extinguishers are usually the first response to a fire

  • As officers we must check each and single one thoroughly

  • so that when an emergency happen

  • We are ready

  • Now we finished the job Its almost 4 o'clock ima get ready and go

  • for my afternoon watch

  • Going up to the bridge for navigation watch Where are you going??

  • I am going navigation bridge Training my cadet in English Hehe

  • Training my cadet in English Hehe

  • Second Mate

  • One of the perks of being the 4-8 officer is that

  • At 5:30pm the chief mate he comes up to bridge and relief me for dinner

  • So I get about 30 minutes to go down, grab my dinner and then come back up continue my

  • watch

  • Hey!

  • Hi!

  • So in a way you could say I get paid to eat my dinner

  • because technically it is my working hours ;)

  • After dinner its usually pretty dark out We keep the bridge dim so we can see the outside

  • Ending the vlog here At night I usually just relax and watch a

  • movie or something before I go to bed Let me know in the comments below if you like

  • to see any topic on the ship

  • And make sure to go extinguish that like button And I'll see you next time!

Off my watch, today I am doing a once per year inspection of all the fire extinguishers

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Playing with 100 Fire Extinguishers | Life at Sea

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