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  • Let me show you around the ship

  • Compass Deck

  • radar scanners, and the funnel back there. antennas everywhere.. antennas...

  • antennas..

  • Heading down into the bridge

  • The ship has a computer system which connects all the essential machinery and equipment together

  • Most important equipment of course is the coffee machine

  • We also coordinate all the ship activities from here, so

  • literally we are in the command center of the ship.

  • Aye aye Captain!

  • The accomodation has many floors

  • All of them have some cabins and facilities. To get around we can use the elevator or we use the

  • stairs. Our ship has nine floors which we call "decks". The higher ranking officer

  • lives in the upper decks, the crew lives in the lower decks. Follow me and I'll show you around each deck.

  • This is a standard size cabin, we have our own fridge, a queen size bed, a couch, a coffee

  • table

  • our own bathroom, a desk, computer is not included. Some facilities we have our

  • Karaoke Room

  • Library

  • Recreation Room

  • Ping pong room

  • A Basketball court

  • Mini Gym

  • Two laundry rooms and two drying rooms

  • Bonded Store

  • Why is the rum always gone?

  • Vegetable room

  • Meat room

  • Fish room

  • Cook: My goodness...

  • Galley

  • This is our duty messroom

  • Here we have the officer's messroom

  • The officer's pantry

  • Into the galley again, this is our chief cook

  • His cooking oil / sauces, and on the left side here we have his cooking equipment.

  • This is the crew's pantry

  • And lastly, the crew's messroom

  • And outside here is the lifeboat

  • Conference room

  • Ship's Office

  • Emergency Headquarters

  • Changing locker

  • And now i'll bring you guys out to the main deck

  • Moving towards the aft we have the aft station

  • The big drums are hydraulic mooring winches

  • And the small round blocks are bollards and bits

  • Here you can see the wash from our propellers

  • Now we will start heading towards the forward station.

  • Our ship is 323 meters long so at normal walking speed it takes about 4 to 5 minutes

  • to get from the aft to forward station

  • So even though we are speeding up right now, it still takes a long time

  • here is our one additional life raft at the forward

  • at the forawrd station now you can see the white forawrd mast

  • and then this is our anchor, the hawsepipe

  • This enormous thing is our spare anchor

  • The shackle is twice the size of my hand!

  • Head on up onto a lashing bridge

  • Our ship has 20 lashing bridges and 9 cargo holds

  • These lashing bridges and cargo holds are used to securely store containers

  • through the watertight door now we're heading towards the engine room. We're using the

  • underdeck passage which runs underneath the main deck so it is also 323 meters long

  • This is our 68,000 kilo-watt main engine. If the bridge is the brain of the ship then the

  • main engine will be the heart, it not only propelles our ship but also provide the whole

  • ship with electricity

  • Our massive steering gear with two hydraulics

  • And.. that wraps up the tour for my ship,

  • Hope you liked it!

  • Cya next time! OH and dont forget to subscribe for more content!

Let me show you around the ship

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B2 room lashing deck station officer pantry

Tour of the Mega Container Ship | Life at Sea | Mariner's Vlog #3

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