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  • Neil: Hello and welcome to The English We Speak.

  • I'm Neil.

  • Feifei: Hello, I'm Feifei. All well, Neil?

  • Neil: Not great, Feifei.

  • Feifei: What's up?

  • Neil: I'm just so done with writing this report.

  • Feifei: You're done with it? You've finished?

  • Neil: I wish. The opposite. Lots more to do.

  • Feifei: So you're not done yet?

  • Neil: No, sadly. If you say you're 'so done with'

  • something - it means you are irritated and bored by it!

  • It's often a task that you don't want to do.

  • Feifei: Indeed. For example, I could say:

  • "I'm so done with recording with Neil."

  • Neil: Well, you could say it, Feifei. But it wouldn't be true!

  • Feifei: Of course it's not true. Let's hear some examples.

  • Examples : I need a new job. I'm so done with

  • delivering pizza.

  • I need to get to bed earlier. I'm so done with

  • feeling like a zombie every day.

  • I'm so done with learning Hungarian.

  • The grammar is so hard!

  • Feifei: So Neil, do you need some help with the report?

  • Neil: That's kind. I just need to sit down, focus,

  • and write the thing. It's just boring.

  • Feifei: If you like, we can swap. I'm making an incredibly

  • dull spreadsheet right now.

  • Neil: Wow. Sounds great.

  • Feifei: I'm so done with it.

  • Neil: Tell you what. Let's work hard all afternoon

  • and then treat ourselves to dinner.

  • Feifei: Done! Which means, of course, that I agree

  • to your suggestion.

  • Neil: Perfect. Bye for now.

  • Feifei: See you later!

Neil: Hello and welcome to The English We Speak.

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